If you please!

[This is my first post on this blog and I could not think of anything better than this to start with. In the very few words, it tells a great deal about us]

girl: (smiles happily) – i want to make You so happy, if whipping me makes You that way then whip me and make me beg you to stop until You can’t control yourself and just cum, shooting Your load over my marked, sweat covered, writhing body.

Master: Now you surprise me – that is such an wonderful idea and I didn’t think of it before you.

girl: (smiles and curtsies) – thank You, Sir. May be when attached to the whipping post You can whip me and then spray Your cum on my marked body……piss on me…….use me as you wish….no rules….for Your pleasure only. i want to be kept at the whipping post so that when i have to go to the bathroom i end up pissing on myself or pissing where i stand. i want You to take me to the edge of sanity, where all that matters to me is You and Your pleasure……perhaps more than 1 day at the whipping post? or various places outside and not necessarily more than one day of the whipping post but a day of whipping post and 2 days or so of solid bondage and i would do it for You Sir if it pleased You.

Master: Well, that is something I always wanted.

[Thinking how it all started? May be we will retrospect on that sometime. ]


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