Additional chapters for “To dance for a man”

Read “To dance for a man” by my girl here.


“What are we doing today?”, she asked, playfully. Her eyes glistened. She was wearing his favorite short pleated skirt and white top, quite unlikely clothing for a woman of her age, but she loved to wear anything for him, well anything or nothing.

He was calm and poised. Like always. He said, “I am going to work from home. There are some long conference calls I have to attend.”

This was far from what she had imagined. She badly needed attention, but given the tone he chose to speak, she did not want to interrupt him really. She shrugged and thought about returning to a thriller she was reading before.

“You look disappointed girl”

“I am Sir, I wanted to be with you…spend the day after a whole week and now you have to work”, she sighed.

“Well, now that I have to work – what do you think you could do?”

She jumped with joy. “A lot sir, I could bend and position myself and hold you in my mouth like you always wanted. Or perhaps you could tie my up to a chair and control my orgasm with that special vibrator, or if you wanted you could tie me up for long duration – which you told me about last month”

He smiled, “Or you could go and pay a visit to Marcus, perhaps?”

She gasped, “You want to send to me to him again?”

“Why – is that a problem?”

“Sir he is so mean to me, so harsh. He would not spare me and without you being there it is much more difficult. He would leave no stones unturned to hurt me badly with the whip.”

“But why is that? Didn’t you date him once?”

“Because you want him to be, Sir.”

“And you dont want that?”

She looked down, “No Sir, I didn’t mean that. I would endure anything for your pleasure. You could whip me like he does. You can whip me now and then leave me in the bonds and then whip me later when you have finished working.”

“But that wont be nearly as effective.”

She started fumbling, “Sir, have I displeased you in any way?”

“No girl, you have not.You were great with me back there when you had me in bonds, I totally enjoyed it and you have done nothing wrong to be punished. But still would you go to Marcus if I want you to?”

“I would if you wish me to and it brings you pleasure”, tears rolled down her cheeks.

Doorbell rang. “That must be him. Right on time.”

She looked at him, he wont even get up and kiss her. She wanted to hold him one more time before leaving. She took a step to the door and heard him saying, “I love you” and then she turned and jumped on to him and kissed him hungrily. He wiped her tears. The doorbell rang again. This was time to go, but those magical words gave her the strength. She was shamelessly proud and walked towards the door.


He woke up in the middle of the night. There was something strange. He realized he was naked. Surprisingly his hands were behind his back and they were cuffed with a pair of steel handcuffs.

She made him get up and push him towards his back. There was no light. He could feel her. She was deliberately waking him up. Then he saw her silhouette. She was whipped badly by Marcus. Her whole body was marked. She was sobbing uncontrollably when Marcus dropped her home. That is exactly how he wanted her. He kissed her all over, gave her a bath and made love to her passionately and she moaned when his body rubbed against her welts. Then they both had gone to bed and was soon asleep.

“What happened girl? Is everything okay?”

“I wanted to suck you again”

“But now?”

“Yes, right now. Why is that a problem?”

“Well there is – I am dry. I came heavily inside you”

“Oh! but there is more I am sure.” She bent over and started playing with his cock. It felt strange. His cock was limp and he had not fully awaken.

“I am telling you girl – I have run out of storage.”

“Oh dont worry. I have all night to figure out.” She jumped hungrily on his cock and started licking his cock vigorously.

He moaned and gasped, “oh fuck, no – wait girl. You are going to wear us both out”

“I am not going to wait and I don’t care what you want. There is only one way to find out”

She left for a while and returned with two candles. He almost screamed when she emptied the pool of wax from both of them on his chest. To their surprise he was erect again. She smiled, “I am going to tease you all night”

“I am all yours”, he gasped. Breathing heavily till then.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, girl”

She bent over on his cock. It was 3 am in the morning.


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