Bitch in Heat

I looked up at him from my hands and knees position and barked.

He laughed, pulling at the leash in his hand, that was then attached to my collar.  I groaned, following him, having no other choice.  I crawled around in the backyard,  naked of course.  He had my nipples clamped, my clit clamped, everything hurt.  He guided my to a bush and pointed.

“Relieve yourself, bitch.”

I whimpered, looking up at him.  I had to go and he knew it but here?  In the back yard?  I whimpered, knowing there was no choice.   I spread my legs as far as the ropes around my knees would allow and began to relieve myself in the grass.  It was humiliating and he knew it.

When I was done he laughed, gripping the leash tightly and pulling up, making me arch my back.  The then began using the crop on my ass to make it wiggle and buck.  “That’s right, my dirty bitch, wiggle it and shake your piss off.”  I groaned, wiggling my ass faster, feeling drops of piss sliding down my inner thighs, causing my face to be brighter red.

He pulled out a ball, dropping the leash and threw it.  He then hit my ass hard with the crop, causing me to cry out.  “Fetch!!!”  He laughed and I tried to move forward as quickly as possible to fetch the ball.  I crawled but it was not fast enough for him as he followed me, slapping with my ass over and over and over, leaving red marks that I would later see in the mirror.

I got the ball and brought it back to him, dropping it at his feet, my pussy tingling from the humiliation.  But then it got just a bit worse.

He pulled a large dildo out and wiggled the massive phallus in the air.  “Exactly what my bitch in heat wants to put her mouth around.”  He laughed and I whimpered.  He then threw it and slapped my ass again to get me crawling quickly.  My hips bucked and I scrambled forward to get the cock.  I picked it up with my mouth and  crawled back, dropping it at his feet.

He smirked and picked it up, throwing it again.  I whimpered and took off crawling again, my hands and knees hurting from the ground. I went to pick it up the same way and he frowned.  “No….take it in your mouth like a real cock, bitch.  Suck it as you bring it back to me.”  I looked back at him, so humiliated but leaned down, putting my mouth over the tip then sliding my mouth over it, sucking at it.

I then got back up on hands and knees, making my way back to him with the end of the cock bobbing up and down in front of my mouth.  He took it from my mouth and wiped it on my face, causing me to blush.  “This time you are going to suck it for me then turn and ease it in your pussy.  Then crawl back to me with it buried in you.  I will even be nice and let you hold it upright as you slide that whorish pussy over it.  But once it is in you are going to crawl back to me.”

I nod and he throws it.  I crawl quickly then once there I lean down, taking it into my mouth.  I suck at it, bobbing up and down, gagging on the cock then I take it, holding it and move it to ease into my pussy, which was soaked from the humiliation.  I moaned loudly as the cock slid into me, spreading me then I clenched and began to, with difficulty, crawl my way back.

I then turned my ass and pussy to him, spreading my legs to offer it to him.  He took it and but didn’t take it out.  He eased it out then began thrusting it in and out of my pussy hard.  I moaned, my face against the grass as he fucked me with the dildo in the backyard.  I groaned loudly, soon pushing back to the hard thrusts, so close to orgasm.

“There is my bitch in heat.”

I flushed deeper but orgasmed hard, my toes curling up, groaning loudly, nails digging into the dirt and grass.

I would be anything this man wanted and I would do so willingly because I loved him.  I loved him for who he was, how he made me writhe, and for what he made me.

His whorish bitch in heat.  I screamed out again as another orgasm tore through me then I felt the bone in my mouth I wanted, his cock, and I knelt, sucking hungrily, eager to please him.  Always, eager to taste him, to please him.  My eyes looked up at him adoringly and he plowed into my mouth until my eyes watered and I gagged.

Forever his bitch in heat.

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