Rendezvous [Part -1]

Then she turned to him and smiled, “One last item……..and I am choosing you”, standing proudly, nipples hard, knowing her panties were wet from being so turned on.
Jim swallowed, looked at her and smiled “Thank you” feebly. Deep down he was nervous. He was completely taken aback by her submission before this group. She made him weak before her sexuality. He did not know what to do. He was feeling very very uneasy, still he managed to get up from his seat and kneel before her. She smiled and blushed.
His trembling hands reached for her waist and roamed about, as if he was just feeling her. Then he tucked two of his fingers on the top of her panties. She was amused that she was not embarrassed at all. He closed his eyes as his fingers tried to reach deeper. She looked down at him and said softly – “Why are you closing your eyes? Open them and look at me!”
He opened eyes and looked up but could not explain. He looked very nervous. 
She looked down at Jim – “It’s OK. You can touch my pussy. Or my ass if you wish……I will not mind. Smell my scent if you wish……feel how wet I am…..”
He puts both of his hands in her panties and tried to smell her. She watchwatched his nose bury itself against her wet panties – “That’s it……” Then she moved a hand over his head, shifting hips against his hand.

Then he slowly pulls her panties down.She felt her pussy revealed and let him pull her panties further down before stepping out of them. He took it out looked up to her, holding his prize in both hands. She smiled down at him – “Not so bad, huh?” He said softly, “No, thank you” She smiled gently, “You are most welcome.”

That was the evening of the day when a close circle of friends were invited and she had to choose the guest who would take an item of clothing from her. Everything else had gone before she turned to Jim, her cousin.


She had just been released from the rack – after she had been stretched completely, burnt with hot wax, whipped a bit and had her mouth fucked. This could be the end of the session, but she pleaded to her Master, “Sir, I want to be stretched out again and I would beg you let Jim fuck my mouth…..His girlfriend does not suck his cock……and he deserves that pleasure.”
Jim was stunned and did not speak.
Her Master said, “You can do anything to please him. I think he is nervous and weak. Help him, he needs to be more confident” and then He left and closed the door of the playroom behind Him.

She look up at Jim, “Jim, stand up – You need to make me cum.”
He was still not at his best. Swallowed, “How?”
She looked at him – “By you taking control. If you could do anything…..anything at all to me…….imagine I had a blindfold on and couldn’t see…….what would you do?
“I ….I don’t know.”
She slapped him, “I am not sure you even deserve my mouth. Show me you are a man.”
He looked down.
She walked up to the cuffs hanging from ceiling and led her wrist into one. “Come here, chain me up. Do you want to gag me?”
He shook his head, “No I want to hear you….cry.”
She grinned, “only a real man can whip me so you make sure each hit counts.”

He locked her other wrist into the cuffs and now she was hanging from her wrists, standing on tip toes. But she was defiant, “How many do you think I should take or are you not man enough to make that decision.”
“I wanted…..”
“If you ever cum from a whipping…..”
She motioned her head to the cabinet. “Over there”
“What is there?”
“The bull whip Master chooses to whip me with”
He held the strong whip in his hands, trying to feel the leather.
“Hold it like you own it, you spineless pig. How is a girl supposed to feel respect for you
? Does your girlfriend have your balls?”
She wanted to push him, make him angry so that he could make her feel the sting from the whip and this is what he exactly did.


The next morning she found her Master was ready when she woke up. He was dressed and packed a small suitcase too. He kissed her and told her, “I have to go on an urgent business meeting out of town. I am sure you will feel safe with Jim. He is nice and will take care of you. If you wish you can still be submissive to him but it is your choice”

After He left, she crawled naked into Jim’s room and seeing his masculinity rising above, decided to use her tongue to wake him up.


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