Daydreaming about Him

I lay in bed thinking of you.  The mere thought of you makes my pussy ache to be touched, slapped, pounded.  My hands move up over my bare breasts and I pinch my pink nipples till a hiss slides from between clenched teeth, my back arched up, my hips pulling back.  I think of you watching me as I touch myself.  I get my vibrator, so excited to put it between my legs but I hear your voice in my head, telling me not yet.  So I simply shift my hips back and forth, rubbing against the vibrator, the movement only making me need it more.  I moan, arching up and grab the dildo near my bed.

I push it into my mouth, shoving it into my mouth, stretching my mouth, causing me to gag.  Then the ghost of you tells me to turn on the vibrator as I suck on that cock.  So I do.  I suck hungrily then groan loudly as I turn the vibrator on.  My hips buck and I spread my legs wider, stretching them.  I groan arching again and reach my first orgasm.  I keep the vibrator hard against my throbbing clit.  My muscles tense up and I cry out around the cock in my mouth.

My pussy is trembling now as it is so over sensitive.  My legs tremble and my toes curl.  I groan out then whimper and cum hard again.  My hips buck and my stomach muscles tremble, muscles clenching that I didn’t know had anything to do with orgasming.  My body is going crazy.

I cum again.

I shut off the vibrator and lay back, sliding the cock out of my mouth, moaning, trembling.  I close my eyes, taking a deep breath.  My body eases and then…..

I don’t know what time it is but I feel my legs being moved.  I open my eyes and see you above me, lust in your eyes, your powerful cock aimed at my pussy.  “You have been playing.”  I must have fallen asleep.

I smile.  “Yes, Sir.”

You smile then thrust into me hard and sudden, causing me to groan loudly.  You then pound my sensitive pussy and I groan, reaching up to grip onto the headboard, hanging on for the ride.  And you pound my pussy over and over, cumming in my pussy, up my chest, on my face.  You then tell me to rub your cum on my skin, into my skin and I do so, slowly for you.

“Mine,” you say.

“Yours,” I reply.

You smile down at me then flip me over and shove your cock in my ass.  I cry out, closing my eyes, tears filling my eyes.  You grab my hair, pulling my head back and use my hair as reigns as you ram me from behind.  I moan loudly and a slight smile touches my lips.

Oh, I am home.


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