Work Day – New Assignment

Part 1

Marcus glanced down at her then undid the button on his jeans.  “Come on…..up on your knees…..”

J struggled to get up and back to her knees then looked up at him.

“Undo my pants with your teeth.”

J crawled forward on her knees and leaned in, using her teeth to work at grasping the zipper.  She felt his fingers bury into her hair, rubbing her face against the bulge.  She moaned, losing grip of the zipper and just letting her face be rubbed against him.  When he was done she then took the zipper again and unzipped his pants.  She then gently began biting at the side of his slacks, pulling them down, often falling forward onto her chest and struggling to get back up.  She then did the same to the other side, going back and forth between the sides of his pants until they were down.  She then looked up, seeing his boxers and seeing the bulge of what was trapped underneath.

He smiled down at her.  “Keep going.”

She leaned in, being more careful this time.  She pulled his boxers down until his cock was out.  She opened her mouth to take him in when he shook his head.  “Ah ah ah…….”

She paused, looking up at him.  He reached down, taking his cock and began slapping her face with it.  “You are a dirty girl.  Dirty….whorish.”  She whimpered, closing her eyes as he continued cock slapping her.  He rubbed his precum across her cheek then he took her hair and began wiping his cock again.  He then looked at her.  “Now, I want you to slide your mouth all the way down onto my cock, your lips against me and you don’t move.  If you move, I am going to punish you.”

J nodded and opened her mouth then licked her lips before sliding her mouth down onto his cock.  Her mouth widened as she took more and more in.  Soon he was in her throat and she was gagging.  He slid his fingers into her hair and then began thrusting into her throat with short hard thrusts.  She gagged more, trying to pull back and he gripped her hair tighter, thrusting harder, faster.  Marcus then tensed a bit and came down her throat, giving her no choice but to swallow his load.

He pulled out of her mouth, her saliva stringing from his cock to her lips.  He took her hair again, wiping his cock off.  She coughed, looking up at him, her eyes watering.  “How was your breakfast?”

J coughed, licking her lips.  “Very good thank you,” she replied, hoping that was the answer he wanted.

Marcus leaned down, helping her stand then guided her over to the chain from the middle of the play area of the room.  He lowered the chain and attached the hook around the ropes at her wrists then began raising the hook up.  As he raised it up her arms were raised up more behind her, forcing her to bend over further and further.  He stopped the chain once her arms were stretched up enough, seeing her moving around, her head upside down, trying to watch him, her ass wiggling invitingly.

Marcus went over and slapped her sore ass, causing her to jump, crying out.  He smiled.  “I am going to fuck your ass.”  He moved up behind her, rubbing his cock on her pussy to slick it up then he began pushing his way into her ass, stretching her.  She groaned loudly, crying out as he continued stretching her.  He was then buried deeply in her and began sliding back out to push back in.  She winced, it always hurting, each and every time.  Perhaps if her ass was stretched more often?

She groaned as he began slamming into her faster, his hands gripping firmly at her hips as he continued.  Her shoulders were aching, her ass was aching, her bottom was aching, everything hurt and yet the pleasure rolled through her body.  He continued ramming into her then was suddenly gone, leaving her ass gaping, leaving her breathing hard.  She moaned, confused, her pussy soaked from need.

Marcus stepped back and walked around, his cock bobbing proudly before him.  “I am going to make it very uncomfortable for you to sit for days.”  He walked over, getting a cane then sliced it through the air, letting her hear what was coming.  She jumped, moving in her limited space, shaking her head.  “Please…..please no……”

He brought the cane down on her ass and she screamed out as it left the red line across her bottom.  “Please……” she begged.  He brought the cane down across the back of her thighs.  She danced for him, crying out again. He continued walking around her slowly, taking hits at her dangling breasts, causing her to scream out and try to stand up before being forced forward again.  He swung, hitting the sides of her thighs, the back of her thighs, the back of her calves.  He then lifted up her foot and began tapping the bottom of her right foot.  She screamed out, jumping on her left foot, her right foot struggling in his grasp.

He finally dropped her foot back down to force her to stand on it.  He then walked over, grabbing her hair and lifting her head up then began fucking her mouth again.  She groaned, sucking at him hungrily through her tears.  She sucked at him deeply, making sounds of pleasure despite her pain.  “That’s it.  Mm that’s a good girl.  Keep sucking like a good whore.  That’s what you are isn’t it?”  She whimpered around his cock and nodded then he pulled out, cumming on her face, spurting onto her cheek, up onto her eye, across her open mouth, some going into her mouth.

Marcus used her hair once again to wipe off his cock then walked over, pushing the button to lower the chain holding her up.  She eased down onto the floor to her knees and then onto her side.  She coughed a bit, watching him.  He walked over to her, turning her onto her side.  He then pulled her right leg up, binding her ankle to her thigh then her wrists to her ankle so she was arched back a bit.  He then picked up her left leg and began wrapping her left ankle with rope then attached it to the hook and began raising up the hook until her leg was spread wide, exposing her and giving her no way to close her legs with one leg straight up and the other folded back and bound in place.

Marcus knelt down, looking down at J, smiling as his pushed her hair off of her cum covered face.  “You have been a very good girl.  So I am going to reward you.”  He stood up, moving over to pull a small fucking machine over.  He plugged it in then settled it between her legs.  He rubbed the rubber cock against her pussy, getting it wet from her juices then turned it on slowly so it could push into her pussy.  He wanted to make sure it would go into her deeply but not too deeply.  He made some adjustments then nodded and turned it on, the metal arm going out to push into her then back in to almost slide out then go back in.

J moaned, licking her lips again, breathing harder, squirming.  Marcus moved over, putting a collar around her neck, locking it on then attaching it to one of the hooks in the floor to keep her still.  He then turned up the speed on the machine, sat on the couch naked and began rubbing at his cock, watching his new pet, his new girl, writhe on the floor before him.

This was going to be a fun day.


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