Work Day

J got into her car, dressed for work in her pencil skirt, blouse, nylons and heels. Her hair was up in a simple french twist and she had on enough make up to look appropriate. She started up her car and pulled out of the driveway of the home she shared with her husband.

The car eased out onto the residential road as she hummed along to whatever song happened to be playing on the radio right then. She then heard her phone go off, demanding her attention to a text she had just received. She frowned, wondering if she had forgotten something at home. She looked at the dashboard where her texts would come up.


Her pussy clenched. She licked her lips, suddenly nervous. It didn’t even take her a second to decide. She turned down another street and headed to His house. Marcus wanted her right now. So put in a call to work, telling them she would not be in then hung up, wondering what he had planned for her.

As she pulled into the drive the house seemed relatively quiet. She shut off her car and took another deep breath. She was already wet with anticipation and her nipples were hard and throbbing. She licked her lips again, a nervous habit, then climbed out of her car, locking it then headed up to the house.

She knocked on the door, waiting for him to answer. When the door swung open he stood there, looking at her, his eyes smiling a bit. “You came…..and I promise you will again soon enough.”

J blushed. “Ma…may I come in?”

Marcus held out a lock box. “Keys, purse, all of it inside. When you step through this door you are mine until the end of your work day. At that point you will get everything back. Not until then.”

She nodded slowly and put her keys and purse into the lockbox. She then glanced up at him. “Should I undress?”

He smiled a ghost of a smile. “Not yet.” He stepped out of the doorway, motioning her in then shut the door behind her. He motioned her to go, reminding her that she knew where they were going. She nodded and began walking, feeling his eyes on her. So perhaps she put a little extra sway into her hips. Perhaps.

Marcus walked over, putting the lockbox on the floor next to a single chair that sat across from the large leather sofa. Marcus moved over, standing near the sofa and motioned her to sit in the chair. When she sat, he did.

“Now, we are doing this a bit different today. Slower.” He smiled that ghost of a smile again. “I am going to ask you a question. When I ask you will answer as well as take off one article of clothing. Your panties are to be the last to go. I trust you wear panties to work, right?”

J blushed deeply. “Yes, I do.”

Marcus nodded. “You are already not paying attention, dear girl. Stand up and come here, over my lap.”

J looked at him shocked then realized. She had answered a question and removed nothing. He had tricked her. She flushed then stood up, walking over to the couch then bent over his lap slowly. He smiled and slid his hand over her bottom, feeling the material of her skirt and the faint feel of her panties under her skirt material.

He reached over for his remote and flipped over to another setting on the tv and suddenly she could see herself bent over his lap, her eyes seeing this from behind. She could see what he was doing and it made her squirm a bit on his lap. Just the thought of her watching her own spanking, her breath caught again.

She watched in awe as his hand raised up and came down on her still covered bottom. She gritted her teeth and squirmed then felt his hand land again and again. And her eyes watched in awe as she saw each hit land, watched her ass clench up, watched his hand caress over her upturned bottom.

It was like watching another girl get spanked as she was and it was deeply turning her on. Part of her imagined watching girl get spanked, watching her writhe on his lap.

Too soon though it was over. “Stand up. Back to your chair and sit. And because I can be kind you need to remove one article of clothing and put it into the lockbox.”

J nodded and leaned down, easing her shoe off and put it into the lockbox. She then sat down, wincing as her warmed bottom touched the hard wood of the chair.

“How long have you had fantasies of submission?”

She eased her other shoe off. “Since I can remember.”

He nodded. “How often do you masterbate?”

She blushed then stood up, reaching under her skirt and began to ease her nylons down her legs.

“Slowly……” he said, his eyes on her.

She nodded and eased her nylons down her legs slowly, sliding them down her thighs then slowly down one leg, pulling her foot out, then sliding down the other leg and sliding her foot out. She folded them gently and sat back down, putting them into the lockbox.

He looked at her and she looked at him, wondering what he was waiting for. He patted his lap again and she winced. “At least 10 times a week. I am sorry.”

“You are only making it worse by not coming over when summoned. Now come over here and stand by my legs.”

She stood up quickly, moving over to stand by him. “Pull your skirt up.” She blushed but did so, easing it up over her thighs and over her hips until it was bunched around her waist. She glanced at the tv and saw her own panty clad backside there on the tv.

“Bend over my lap.”

She laid over his lap slowly, feeling his hand running over her panties, feeling him moving them to see the still reddened ass cheeks underneath. She watched on the screen as his hand caressed her thighs then back up to her bottom. She then cried out when the first hit landed.

She groaned, squirming a bit more. Her ass was already sore and he had taken away a layer of protection, no matter how thin, and was spanking harder. She whimpered and squirmed more on his lap and he seemed to spank harder, longer, until her ass felt on fire.

Tears were building in her eyes when he finally allowed her up. “Back to your seat. And fix your skirt.” She nodded, pulling the skirt back down, whimpering as the material rubbed and sat firmly against her ass. She sat back down, blinking back her unshed tears and looked at him.

“Favorite sexual position?”

She looked at him then began unbuttoning her blouse. “Any that I feel dominated. I love facing the wall, being rammed from behind, I love over a couch, bed, table, I love doggy style….”

She undid the last button of her blouse and slid it from her shoulders, her bra matching her panties, a thin lacey material that her nipples could be partially seen through.

“Are you a whore?”

He looked right at her, curious of her answer.

She stood up, undoing her blouse and easing it down so that she was now in her bra and panties and folded it, putting it into the lockbox then sat back down, looking at him. “Only for you.”

He smiled just briefly. “That was a very good answer.”

She smiled back. “Thank you.”

He leaned over, reaching into the side table and pulled out a vibrator and tossed it to her. She caught it and looked at him. “Slide that into your panties and masterbate for me.”

She blushed deeply then nodded, sliding the vibrator into the front of her panties and turned it on, her hands moving up to pinch and pull at her covered nipples as her head fell back, already so turned on. Her hips began to move in the seat as he watched her, the bulge in his pants growing harder.

Soon she was groaning deep in her chest, her hips grinding faster. “No insertion. Just vibrating.” She whimpered more knowing she wouldn’t cum hard from just vibrations. She needed to be stuffed. Soon though she was there. She arched back and she came, her chair tilting back as her hips thrust up.

“Shut it off.”

She shut off the vibrator, her face flushed and looked at him. “Clean the vibrator off with your mouth.”

She nodded and slid her mouth over the vibrator, moving her mouth on it as if it was his cock. Her eyes never left his as she cleaned her juices from the toy. When she was done he motioned her to bring it back over to him. She stood up, walking to him on legs made of jelly and he patted his lap. She looked at him shocked.

“You did not ask for permission to cum.”

She whimpered but not argue. She lay over his lap, now in just her bra and panties and her eyes immediately went to the screen before her. She watched his hand slide over her panty clad bottom and then felt the first slap and groaned loudly. He then gathered her panties up in his hand and pulled up, watching them slide snuggly between her ass cheeks. He then pulled up again so they would bury themselves firmly against her clit.

J groaned, her hips pushing up slightly, her legs spreading slightly. Marcus took the opportunity to use that to his advantage and pulled harder so they rubbed even more demandingly between her pussy lips. He then put his hand on her lower back and began to earnestly spank her until she was crying and squirming.

Her arms came back to try and defend her helpless bottom but he simply gripped her wrists, holding them against her lower back. Her legs then began to kick and he draped one leg over them to hold them down as he continued to mercilessly spank her. Her bottom went from a soft pink to an angry shade of red.

J was crying openly now but her eyes remained on the screen, watching the girl struggle and cry as much as she was. Marcus then let her up and she stood up, crying still as she stood trembling before him but not trying to rub at her bottom despite how badly it hurt.

“Do not fix your panties and go sit down again.”

“Please… ass is on fire.”

He looked at her. “Then you may kneel and you need to remove another article of clothing for the kindness.”

J knelt down before him on the floor and undid her bra, easing it from her shoulders and sliding it from her arms till her breasts fell free. She turned, tossing it into the lockbox then turned to face him again.

Marcus leaned over, sliding his fingers over her hard nipples, his fingers pulling gently at them. He stood up and walked over, getting rope then knelt behind her, pulling her arms back and began lacing the rope around them, pulling them tighter and tighter together. He continued lacing the rope up past her elbows to her biceps. He secured the rope firmly then reached around her from behind pulling her against his chest.

“You like this don’t’ you?” He whispered in her ear as he grabbed at her tits roughly. He squeezed them, twisted them, pinched her nipples and slapped at the outside edges of her breasts. She nodded, moaning louder. “yes, yes!!!”

He reached up to her hair that had started falling loose and now released it fully from the french twist. Her hair fell around her shoulders and he buried his fist in it, pulling her head back hard, using the other hand to reach around and finger at her clit hard.

She grunted, her hips jerking as he fingered her roughly, causing her pleasure to build rapidly. “Can I cum can I cum?????” She begged as she writhed in front of him, his grip in her hair the only thing keeping her still.

He pushed her form to the floor, watching her roll onto her side, her hips writhing, her legs spread wide, the thin material still buried in her wet pussy. She whimpered, looking at him through the disarray of her hair.

“Not yet….you still need to be fed breakfast…….”

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