Elixir of life

Happy valentines day – readers. I noticed off late that we have a lot of followers into our site. So thank you all for inspiring us and showing us your support. Angelle has been writing a lot and I think she has done a great job at it. I have not written in a long time, but with her momentum of writing, I decided to come out of my shell and write something. Today on the day of love I wanted to write about a very intimate aspect of D/s relationship. It is kind of different from our previous content but I hope you like it.

(I ran fingers though her hair. It was our favorite moment. She knelt before me. It was the perfect evening.)

I missed you, she said.

I missed you too. It was a hard long day.

Did you think about me?


That’s dangerous. Did you ever wonder why?

I don’t have an answer – why. Did you think about me?

Truth is – it is difficult to take you off my mind.


It’s no concrete action really – it’s vague, it’s a feeling that comes by and leaves behind a scent of emotion.

That’s almost poetic.

It can be if you want it to be – it’s not all physical, I know. (She smiled)

You surprise me.

(She rests her head on my legs) I can feel it, Sir – your frustration, your need, your weakness.

My weakness?

I know you are weak, in your domination, in conquers you. but then again, I am also weak, in my submission, it works, we both crave something that complements the other.

(I run fingers through her hair again) Do you feel you need me – my seeds?

I feel your needs – as well mine, to extract it from you and keep it with me.

How do I taste?

You taste good, smooth like an elixir.

Do you feel you control my pleasure in your mouth?

For a few seconds, yes –

Few seconds?

It’s a very fleeting moment, starts when ejaculation begins and ends when ejaculation ends. Because that moment of ejaculation You are giving Yourself to me. The rest is possession of my soul, explored by Your penis.

How do you want it?

You explore me first – find your warmth, your comfort – when you decide to give it to me, I shall have it.

Very deep, into your mouth perhaps?

Yes – I like that very much; receiving Your semen very deep and keeping it there, it is like keeping the man within my soul and spirit.

I pat her head. She smiles. She looks at me. She is going to have her elixir.


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