A Lesson to Learn

She wakes up, helpless, realizing she can’t move her hands.  They have been secured over her head to the headboard.  She then feels something on her ankles. She moves them but they are bound as well, spread wide, not allowing her to protect or hide anything anymore.

Her mouth is filled with a gag, an o ring gag.  She was in trouble.  He used the O ring when he wanted to hear her screams but didn’t want to hear her pleas.  Yeah, she was in trouble.  He walked in, looking down at her bound form.  “Nice of you to finally awaken, pet.”  She shivered.

He walked over, sliding his hands up her stomach and then over her breasts, causing her to arch up to his touch.  He smiled, pinching each nipple until she let out a gasp of pain.  He then began slapping her tits until she was writhing and they were bright red.  He then stopped, touching a tear that slid from the corner of her eyes.

“You want to masterbate when I am gone.  That is not a good choice, pet.”

Her eyes widen.  How….how did he know?  She had done everything to hide that from him.  But perhaps that was where she had gone wrong.  She had tried to hide from her Sir.

He smiled.  “Yes, you want to masterbate with your vibrator, then I will allow that….on my terms.”

He began putting what looked like a harness on her thighs, then he got out her Hitachi magic wand and hooked it into the harness.  She watched him, nervous, her pussy clenching.  He tightened the harness on her until the Hitachi was pushed up firmly against her pussy.  She groaned out softly and he smiled, patting her pussy.

“You are going to cum…….and cum……..and cum.”

Her eyes widened again and she tried to plead.  He turned the Hitachi on normal then stepped back, watching her body begin to squirm as pleasure began to roll through her.  He glanced at the camera that was filming the entire time then he put a blindfold over her eyes, kissing her cheek.

“Enjoy………I will check back on you in a couple of hours.”

She shook her head, trying to plead with him for mercy, knowing that soon this pleasure would turn to pain, soon the sweat that would be glistening on her body from wonderful feelings would be sweat from torture.  Soon her world, her pleasure would be turned upside down and her pussy would be betraying her.  Just as she betrayed him.  She had learned!!! She had learned!!! She tried to scream it out to him but he was gone.

Or was he? Was he still here?  Her body arched as the first orgasm hit her.  Then the second…..the fifth…….her body convulsing at the tenth……..She now lost count as her pleasure began turning to agony.  She begged, pleaded, cried.  But the orgasms kept hitting her and she knew, no matter how long he was gone, it would be far far too long.

And she would not be masterbating anytime soon.  No, her pussy belonged to him.  She lost all sensible thought as another orgasm hit, then another, her body twisting, writhing on the bed but to no avail.  The vibrator never slipped, and much like her master, had no mercy when she had misbehaved.


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