Behind Closed Doors

She was laying on the bed, legs bound to the corners of the bed.  Her arms were up and bound to the headboard and her mouth had a gag in it that kept her mouth open, allowing sounds but no words.  She squirmed, her bare pussy clenching in anticipation.

He walked in, looking down at his wife, his prize.  Damn, he was lucky to have her, to have a woman that loved this, loved being bound, loved being tormented, loved being teased.  He walked over and put a rope around her leg above her knee and pulled her leg spread to the side a bit more, exposing her wet pussy even more, knowing he was doing the right thing as her toes were curling slightly, a soft moan coming from her parted lips.

He picked up another rope, doing the same to the other leg, spreading her wider until she was spread even more on the bed.  He sat by her, stroking her flat stomach, her inner thighs, her breasts, watching her squirming more, responding to his touch.  Her large pink nipples hardened and he leaned in, flicking his tongue over the pink nubs.  He sucked at her nipples till she groaned out, arching as much as she could.

He pulled up letting the tiny nub pop out of his mouth, glistening with his spit.  She shuddered then saw him lean over to reach into the bedstand.  She shook her head, her eyes widening, saying something over and over that sounded like no.  But he was sure that wasn’t it so he pulled out the clamps for her lovely nipples and let the chain drag across her spread pussy, causing her to groan out, her hips pushing up as much as possible. He laughed and then leaned in, sucking at the other nipple as he attached the clamp to the first glistening one.

She cried out, arching as much as she could, shaking her breasts back and forth, whimpering and he smiled, just watching the show, stroking at his bulge until she settled.  He then stroked at his cock through his pants as he attached the second clamp.  She cried out again, yanking at her restraints but he could see her pussy was glistening.  She whimpered and danced in the restraints for him and he watched, enjoying every moment.

When she settled, breathing hard, her eyes on him he smiled.  “You are stunning.  Absolutely, positively stunning.  And later……I am going to fuck you silly.  I am going to fuck your mouth, your ass and of course your pussy.  But first…..well today you are in a bit of trouble.  Today I want to hear you scream.”

Her eyes widened, her breathing getting faster.  He smiled then stood up and moved, getting her hitachi.  He knew her pussy was sensitive, her clit always like a button that got her orgasming hard.  Yes….he knew it and she knew that he knew.  He grabbed some straps then put the vibrator against her thigh, strapping it on tightly so that the head was crushed against her pussy.  He then caressed her clit with his fingers, watching her squirm, her breathing get faster, her body soon moving without thought.

He then turned on the vibrator and she cried out, yanking at the restraints.  He smiled, hearing it buzzing in loud wet ways against her pussy.  He laughed then leaned down, kissing her forehead.  “See you in an hour my sexy wife.”

She cried out, shaking her head, breathing harder, trying to beg him to come back then her first orgasm hit her.  She cried out, grunting, trying to curl up but bound down flat to the bed.  The hitachi then began to seemingly buzz louder and even wetter, splattering her inner thighs with her pleasure juices.  She groaned, her head moving back and forth between her held up arms.

She felt another orgasm coming on and she gasped out, her hips bucking wildly, her thighs trembling, her abdomen trembling.

When he came back into the room her clit was numb, her body slick with sweat from the number of orgasms she had survived.  He shut the vibrator off and then plowed into her body, causing a new level of screams to come out of her throat.  He pushed her to more and more orgasms until she was sobbing with mindless abandon.

She was coated in their combined sweat, with his cum, and her body would not stop trembling for several minutes.  They would shower together, his arms holding her up, kissing her gently, telling her how much he loved her, how much he loved what she endured for him.  He would clean her and care for her.  He would dry her off and carrying her back to bed to rest.  She would lay on her side, she would sleep and then……

As the dawn approached and the sun broke over the horizon, he would slide his cock into her ass, causing her screams to be his rooster.  He would take his tie and put it in her mouth, using it as reigns and plow her ass over and over while her tits swung under her body.  She would groan out, her eyes closing, moaning loudly as he rode her like she was a wild horse.

They would shower again and go to their respective jobs but neither would forget the day before or the morning.  Her fingers would find their way to her wet pussy during her day at work and he would dream of her mouth at his cock.  She would go home, tell him of her naughty thoughts and at some point she would be over his knees, skirt up, taking a spanking on her still sore bottom for being so naughty.

She would count, she would thank him and then she would kneel before him naked, sucking at his cock.  She would then put on a robe and together they would fix dinner.  They would snuggle, they would laugh, they would talk about their day.  And their neighbors would never know just what went on behind closed doors.

(Thank you to my reader, A, who asked me to come back.  I wasn’t sure if my writing was actually missed so thank you.  I hope this lived up to your expectations.)


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