The Interview Pt 3

I looked at him, not sure what to say.  I then took a breath and nodded slowly.  “A promise is a promise.”

He smiled and held his hand out.  I looked at him nervously then put my hand into his.  He guided me over to a pair of shackles hanging from the ceiling then lifted my arms slowly, locking them into the shackles.  I jumped slightly as I felt the padded steel lock around my wrists, locking me into place.

He smiled, sliding his hands down my sides slowly.  “There are so many things I can do to a woman in this position.”  I shuddered, hearing his voice in my ear.  “So many things that could make you scream in pleasure……and in pain……”  I closed my eyes, licking my lips, my hands gripping up at the chains above me.

He was in my head telling me all he would do to me.

He reached forward and tore my shirt open, exposing my white lacy bra.  He then grabbed scissors, cutting my shirt off then he dragged a portion of the scissors down my skin to rest on the thin material between my breasts.

“No….no you swore you wouldn’t touch me.”

He smiled that charming smile and snipped the bra open, my breasts popping free, my nipples rock hard.  He cut the bra off then moves it up, putting it between my teeth despite my shaking head then tied it tightly behind my head, gagging me.  I groaned, biting into the lacy bra, watching him move his hands up to grip at my breasts, pinching at my nipples, causing me to groan and shake my head.

Then he pinched them hard and I screamed out around the gag as he pulled them harder causing me to arch toward his hands.  He then shook his hands, twisting my nipples until I screamed for mercy.  He then let go, slapping down hard on my tits, making them bounce and redden at the same time.  But he didn’t stop with that.  He kept slapping them over and over until tears were in my eyes and I fought the chains to turn away, to get a moment’s rest.

It was as if he walked away and I stood, crying softly, looking down at my reddened, hard nipples.  I saw drool sliding from my lips and down onto the tender skin.  I then heard him behind me and felt my skirt being pushed up.  I squirmed then felt as if my ass was on fire as the strap fell across my bottom.  I screamed out, jerking in the chains, sobbing around the gag as he lit my ass up.

I then felt him reach over, grabbing at my panties and yanking them down around my ankles, baring my trimmed bush and bare ass to his eyes.  I am sure my ass was bright red from the tanning he had already given me and it didn’t stop as I felt the lash hit again.  I screamed out as the lash landed on my ass over and over and over.  Then I felt his body pressed against my backside and then I felt his hand gripping at my bush, pulling, causing me to scream out more.

He then kicked my legs apart.  “Legs stay apart until I tell you otherwise.  If you don’t I will lash that pussy as well.” I nodded, sobbing softly then felt his fingers probing at my pussy, knowing he would find it soaked.  He then began thrusting his fingers up into my body, soon having me dancing, writhing, breathing hard.  He put the belt around my throat, tightening it and pulling back so I was arched back as he continued to furiously finger my pussy.

I gasped wildly, eyes wide then screamed out and came.

I then heard him chuckling softly in my ear.  I opened my eyes slowly, breathing hard.  My shirt was still on….my panties still in place but soaked.  I was breathing hard but he hadn’t touched me.  It had all been a description of what he would do to me.  What he wanted to do.  What he promised to do.  But it had all been in my head.  He was the king of head games and he had made me cum simply from his words.

He reached up slowly, undoing the chains around my wrists, a grin on his lips.  “I promise that will all happen and I don’t make empty promises.”  He watched me look at him, face flushed.  I then turned, moving to the chair, grabbing my purse then ran for the door, knowing his eyes were on me the whole time.

I got out to my car and sat down, still shaking.  I glanced up at the door and then at the house, seeing him looking out at me.

I had just met the devil and damned if I didn’t want to be fucked and used by him.  I started up my car and backed out of the driveway, knowing that was not the last time I would see him.


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