She lay on a small wooden structure, her arms strapped down tightly just below her sides.  There were straps across her spread thighs, her legs bent at the knees and strapped at the ankles at the base of the structure.  There was another strap across her waist, and another above and below her breasts.  Her head hung off the end, currently keeping her head upside down, her face partially red from the angle.

She squirmed slightly, testing the straps that held her down tight.  Then he walked in.  He walked over slowly, sliding a finger along her trapped body then sliding a hand down between her legs, massaging at her shaved pussy.  She sighed softly, her hips moving as much as they could with his fingers and soon his fingers were slick with the anticipation that was building between her bound legs.

He smiled then poured oil onto his hand and begin oiling up her naked body, taking his time between her legs, then down both legs then back up, building anticipation in her body.  He then moved his oiled hands over her breasts, massaging at the pale globes, working them, pinching the large pink nipples, pulling on them till she groaned from deep within her chest.

He then moved the fucking machine between her legs, sliding the dildo into her pussy, spreading it nice and wide then he turned it on and the machine began to claim its new victim.  She moaned softly, trying to adjust on the structure but it gave her no mercy.  She was pinned until he let her go and he had no plans of that any time soon.  He then stepped back to watch the machine slowly invade his pet over and over, with no mercy, with no sluggishness, with no weakness.  Just a steady, slow pounding.

Soon she was writhing, gasping for breath, feeling her first orgasm building.  He walked closer, stroking her body as the first orgasm rolled through her, causing her body to tremble within the bonds.  Her hands tightened into fists, her head lifting up to watching him, her face a bit sweaty, her face flushed.  He smiled down at her then turned the machine up.

She gasped out, her body trembling as the machine pounded a bit harder, a bit faster, with even less mercy.  Her legs trembled now more often in the restraints, her stomach clenched in tightly and her head fell back as she gasped out for air.  He walked over to her, opening his pants then shoved his cock into her mouth, feeling her nose bouncing against his balls.

He then began to pound her mouth in time with the machine, causing her to gag and cough around him but he kept going.  Her mouth felt so good and so he held her, one hand on her face, one on her throat, stroking her throat as he cock made outlines on her slender throat.  He then pushed himself deeply into her mouth, holding it there.  Her toes curled, her hands curled into fists and then he saw her breasts bouncing as she struggled before him.  Her throat constricted wildly around his cock and then he pulled out and she choked and coughed, gasping for air.

Then he came on her face, coating her face with his cum, his cum dripping into her eyes, into her nose, some in her mouth.  She coughed more, her face now covered in sweat.  He smiled and began thrust into her mouth again.  She squirmed more, trying to get loose from the restraints but they held fast.  She was soon choking again and he came again, smearing his cum on her face.

She gasped out again as his cock slid from her mouth and then he turned the machine up on high.  She screamed out, her legs now trembling in the restraints, the muscles in her abdomen tightening up as yet another orgasm tore through her, causing her to squirt onto the machine, leaving a puddle under her.  She then tried to stop, to catch a breath but another orgasm tore through her and she screamed out, begging for mercy.

He smiled, stroking her trembling body, watching the machine pound her.  He saw her writhing, saw her breathing erratic, hearing her whimpering and begging for mercy.  He let it kept going until she almost passed out from the power of the orgasm she had.  He shut the machine down and stroked her body gently, holding her head with his other hand, speaking softly to her to bring her back from her sub space.

When her eyes opened and looked at him they were full of love and he smiled, kissing her softly.

“You are beautiful……..” he said softly.

She smiled softly.  “Thank you.  Are you letting me go now?”

He grinned.  “Oh no…..we are just getting started.”  He winked at her shocked looked then started the machine up again and pulled out a vibrator, pushing it to her sensitive clit.


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