Like a Bird

She lay on the bed, naked, her hands and ankles locked into a bar that was between her legs, keeping her ass and pussy up in the air.  The side of her face was resting on the bed under her, the blindfold firmly in place over her eyes.  Her ass was red from the spanking he had given her, her pussy glistening from the fucking he had given her.

Her wrists twisted in the metal bar around her wrists but they weren’t coming loose.  She licked her lips, her toes wiggling a bit.  He left her like this to give her time to think, to give her time to get nervous.  And it worked, every single time.  He knew it.  She knew it.

Her pussy clenched.  He knew how to play her.  He knew what to say to make her ache for him, he knew what to say to make her become worried, he knew what to not say, that look to give her that let her know she was in trouble.

This was not a lifestyle.  At least that is what she told herself.  She wasn’t a slave.  She wasn’t a pet.  But now that she had time to think, when he felt she was being too sassy or too grumpy, he would put her over his knee and spank her until she was begging him to stop.  Then he would continue until he felt she had learned a lesson.

Other times he had made her stand with her nose in the corner, her hands behind her head, elbows resting on the wall, her bottom out, ready for a spanking at any point that he wished to deliver. Sometimes he left her there alone and she found that was the worst.  The spankings she could tolerate, the rough fuckings, all of that she could handle but being ignored…..that was horrible.

She felt a soft breeze go by her bare skin and then she felt a hand on her hip, pushing her over onto her side.  She was then pushed over onto her back, her legs and wrists still in the spreader bar but now up in the air.  She felt something being secured around the bar and then it was pulled up toward the head of the bed, pulling her legs and arms more up in the air while her back pushed more into the bed.

She took a deep breath then felt his fingers on her pussy and she moaned deeply, squirming.  She then felt his fingers exploring, touching, playing with her pussy, her clit.  She shivered and squirmed, feeling his fingers pushing deeper into her, his fingers thrusting into her making wet sounds that filled the room.  He then moved his fingers so that he was pushing deeply into her then began moving his fingers to carress her G-spot.

Her body bucked, gasping out and she moaned, cumming hard but he didn’t stop.  He didn’t say a word, he just kept going at her G-spot, soon having her thrashing wildly in her restraints, panting out.

“Please….please no no no no no………..” her hands tightened into fists then she cried out, cumming again.  He kept going and she could almost feel his smile.  She then jerked, cumming again, the orgasming now becoming almost painful.  Her body thrashed now as his slick fingers continued to push deeply into her spasming pussy.  He kept going and she just kept cumming.

He didn’t stop until he wanted to, then he had her suck his fingers clean.  And she sucked his fingers, moaning before crying out as his cock thrust into her pussy.  He then began to pound her pussy hard until he came deeply in her, filling her.  He then slid out and was gone again, leaving her alone, her pussy leaking his cum, her body so over stimulated, trembling.

Perhaps……..perhaps this was a lifestyle because no hobby made her as breathless as this.

She laid her head back against the bed, trying to relax and laughed a bit.  The reality of the situation hit her.  She was a pet and a submissive full time.  And she didn’t mind one bit.

She craved this and he answered that craving and she fulfilled his craving.  So here she was…..bound and blindfolded, waiting for him to return and set her free.  Physically or emotionally he set her free.

And she sang like a bird when he did so.


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