Trussed Up Pt 1

James heard her showering and walked into the bedroom, tossing his things onto the bed before glancing at the bathroom door.  He smiled a bit, picturing his wife in the shower, water sliding down her body.  He felt his cock stirring at just the thought of her.  And now, he had a few days off for Thanksgiving, Kelly had a few days off from her job as well.  Oooh they were going to have fun.

He walked into the bathroom and leaned against the door frame.  “I am home, Kelly.”

His wife stuck her head out from behind the shower curtain and smiled.  “Hey.  You got off early.”  He nodded, walking over, kissing her gently. “I did.  I couldn’t wait to get home to you.  I was thinking we could play a bit tonight.”

Kelly’s eyes widened a bit and she smiled.  “Absolutely.  You want to eat dinner first or…..?”

He shook his head, smiling.  “No.  I can’t wait.  I really want you now.  We can eat dinner as we recover….refuel for round two.”

She laughed and nodded.  “Well let me finish up here and then I will put something sexy on for you.”

He smiled, shaking his head.  “No….just finish up then let me know.  I will take care of the rest.”  He winked and kissed her again then moved to change out of his business clothing to something more comfortable.

Kelly finished her shower then dried off.  She towel dried her hair before brushing it out then walked out, seeing James sitting on the bed in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.  He smiled, his eyes moving over her naked body.  He then stood up, moving over to her, sliding his hands down her sides, feeling her curves, pulling her body to his, kissing her gently but his kiss got more demanding.

James finally broke the kiss and smiled to her, smoothing her damp hair back from her flushed face.  “Ready to play?”  Kelly nodded, smiling.  He took her hand, guiding her out of their bedroom and into the kitchen, guiding her to a stool that was in the middle of the room, an opening in the middle for a handhold.  She walked over, sitting on it and he smiled, pulling her hair back and kissing the back of her shoulder gently.

“Spread your legs.  You know I love when your pussy is available to me.”

She nodded, spreading her legs on the stool, feeling the air against her already wet pussy.  She watched him walk away and go over getting rope and she shivered.  It had taken years for him to get good at using rope but they had found their rhythm .  He walked over, easing her hair over her shoulder so it was out of the way then he began binding her arms back.

The ropes went around her shoulders then he pulled her arms back and began wrapping them gently but firmly, checking with her to make sure she was ok but he was pulling them back a bit tighter than normal.  This thrust her breasts out more, making her back arch.

After a few quiet moments, he secured her wrists and tied off the ends before sliding his hands up his handwork.

“You are stunning.”  He pressed a kiss against the back of her shoulder again then moved his hands around and began to play with her breasts.  She arched toward his hands and he pinched her nipples gently, twisting them and pulling on them till a soft moan came from between her parted lips.

“The first part of a Thanksgiving meal is to ready to main course” he said softly.

She smiled a bit, looking at him. “The main course huh?”

He smiled.  “I believe the second part is to begin warming the main course.”

He walked over, getting more rope and tossed it by the stool onto the floor then he picked up a pair of nipple clamps and walked back to her, standing in front of her.  He moved his hands over her breasts, caressing her soft globes, teasing her nipples with his fingertips then pinching gently at her nipples, slowly tightening his grip until she gasped, moaning loudly.

James then attached the clamp to her left nipple and she shuddered, moaning deeply, wincing as the pain shot through her body straight to her exposed pussy.  He gently caressed the side of her left breast, giving her time to adjust.  He waited patiently until she nodded then began sliding his finger tips over her right breast, up and down the sides, around the nipple slowly and then he gripped onto the nipple, working it gently, rubbing at it, twisting it, pinching it.  Soon Kelly was squirming again then let out a groan, her hips shifting on the chair as he attached the second clamp.

Her legs closed partially and he patted her inner thigh gently to remind her of her position and she slowly reopened her legs.  He then slid his fingers up her thighs, tracing his fingers lightly over her bare pussy, just enough to tease, to get her to shift her hips toward his fingers before he moved them away.  “Ahhhh my eager little beauty.  You know better than that.  We are still warming you up.”

“I am warm.  Very very warm.  And I would love for you to feel how warm I am.”  She smiled at him.  He leaned in, kissing her before moving to get a second stool.  He placed it about 2 feet in front of her then moved to stand by her, putting his hand gently on her stomach.  “Lean forward so that you are laying on the stool.”

She looked at him, not sure about this but did so, letting him help support her as she leaned forward, shifting her hips slightly until she was laying on the stool, her stomach against the stool, pressing just under her breasts, her breasts hanging down and free, the chain dangling below invitingly, glittering in the light.  He slid his fingers over her backside once she was laying down then walked to get a couple of weights.  He slowly attached them to the nipple chain until she was moaning.

“There……lovely.  Now…..let’s warm you up a little more.”  Her head hung down, not sure what he was going to do but then she felt his hand land in a solid thud on her backside.  She cried out in surprise, her hips jerking and felt him land hit after hit to her upturned bottom  until she was whimpering with each hit, the weights pulling on her nipples swinging as she jerked.

When her bottom was a beautiful cranberry color he stroked her ass then slid his fingers lower between her legs, sliding his fingers into her soaked pussy.  “Seems the main course is wonderfully warm.”

Kelly nodded quickly, rocking her hips on his finger.  “Ooooh yes…..please…..please keep exploring……..”

James laughed, pulling his fingers away then picking up the rope.  “Open your mouth…….”  She did so and he put the rope between her teeth then wrapped it around her head 4 times, the piece in her mouth getting a bit wider with each pass.  He then secured it behind her head before pulling back so her head was facing forward and secured it to the rope work at her back.

She groaned, looking up at him and he smiled.  “And now….the main course must baste in her juices which means we really need to get them going.”  He walked out of her view and she lay there, her ass hurting, her breasts throbbing, wondering what he was doing.  She felt something prodding at her bottom then felt his finger lubing her up.  She made some sounds of protest but then felt him popping a small wand of beads into her ass, causing her to grunt and jump with each ball that was forced into her.

When he was done she was panting.  But he was not done yet.  She felt something pressed firmly against her pussy and not moved.  She then heard tape as whatever it was was taped down.  She then felt ropes wrapping around her ankles to keep her on the stool and then another rope going over her waist, but under her rope work, to keep her down .  “Now…..let’s get you basting……”

She felt the vibrator turn on then she grunted, closing her eyes, rocking her hips as the vibrator drove her crazy, bringing her to orgasm almost immediately.  She did not feel it let up as it kept buzzing happily between her legs.  She saw James walk around to where she could see him and he crouched down in front of her, stroking her face.

“My lovely wife……you shall now baste in your own juices for 30 minutes.”  Her eyes widened and she tried to shake her head.

“Oh….oh ease…….” she tried to beg him.

He smiled.  “No?  Then 40 minutes it shall be.”  He moved over, getting a timer and set it for 40 minutes then put it where she could see it.  “I shall be back and then we will continue our Thanksgiving preparations.”  He leaned down, kissing his wife on the head then moved to turn on the video camera, wanting to have this to watch later.

He moved out of her side and her eyes locked on the timer.  Only 38 minutes and 30 seconds to go.  She felt another orgasm building and she groaned, then came again, panting as the drool began to slide down her lips and onto her tormented breasts.

38 minutes to go…….


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