An open letter

lettersThe letter was unsealed. Just folded neatly and left on the table. She was surprised at first to discover that the folded paper was indeed a letter.

When she opened it, she recognised the handwriting of Marcus, immediately. She couldn’t remember when she spoke to him the last  time or if he ever wrote a letter to her.

Marcus was the kind of person, who could just claim what he wanted, a letter was so not his style.

“Dear Girl,

I know that you are gone for a long time – probably long enough as to even expect a letter like this. I know letters are dramatic and this is not intended to change your mind.

If there is one thing letters can do is hold our passions afresh – even after years. I hope these papers, are not betraying them either, for you know, you are the only one person who have felt my passion like no one else, time again and let that shatter the inner walls you preserved. It seems it was only yesterday when you walked in here, with fear and unknown in your eyes and shed your clothes for the whipping post.

Clearly, that was not enough – but every time we came closer, we redefined our boundaries – well, clearly you did surpass my expectations. You went through a lot and probably that made you soul search for a bit, which was only natural, but I didn’t see it coming. I admit that.

There has been a really long time that I touched your skin – your softness, numbness and curves – but believe me when I say that I remember all of it. How you responded to my touch, how you shivered from it, how you wanted more from it. Having you in my dungeon was one of the best things to do.

Here we are, after years from when we started, more clueless than ever, but if anything, I know in my heart, that like polestar, I missed your presence. If you were trembling now, I would quiet you with a hug. If you are shivering, I am leaving you a gift I preserved so long. Know in your heart that I still consider you special.

Whether we have taken two roads that will only go further, or you can see them meet at some point is something I would let you decide yourself.



There was something else next to the letter. A Christmas gift – to be used or not, that was a question that waved her mind.


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