Visiting Santa

Was I on Santa’s lap?  Technically yes.

Was I making a wish?  Maybe?

Did he know what I wanted?  Yes.

Did he know what I needed?  Yes.

I cried out as his gloved hand slapped down onto my upturned bare bottom.

“One…….thank you, Santa…..”

He laughed, potentially calling me a ho.

Ah well…….what can I say?  I love my bum as red as Rudolph’s nose.

“Two……thank you Santa”

“I am going to warm your bottom until it is as red as my suit, little girl.”

His hand landed again and I grunted, “Three……thank you, Santa.”

40.  40 swats.

“Only 37 more to go, ho…..” he laughed, bringing his hand down again.

“Four…..thank you, Santa.”

I glanced over, his elves waiting at the side watching and filming, the line of people eagerly waiting, watching as he landed his hand on my ass.


“Five…….thank you, Santa.”

He laughed and the camera zoomed in, giving everyone in line a clear view of my very very wet pussy.

“We have a naughty one here……”

The line laughed.

My face went red.


“Six…….thank you, Santa.”

“When we are done with this paddling, this naughty girl is going to need a reminder of to be a good girl this coming year…..”

I liked my lips, jerking as his hand landed.

“Seven…….thank you, Santa”

The spankings continued and then he smiled.  “Now for your reminder gift.  Kneel down, ass toward the line.”  I nodded, kneeling before the kinky Santa.  “Head on the floor…..”  I lowered my head.  “Ass up…….”

I pushed my bright red ass up, humiliated.

Santa stood up, slapping my ass for good measure.  He then began pushing something into my ass.  I groaned loudly, clawing at the floor before me.  Santa pushed the candy cane plug into my, the stick deep in my ass, the hook curving to slide into my pussy.  “Good girl….don’t take that out until told to.”

I moaned. “Yes Santa……”

I got up with the elves help then walked to the side where my Sir was standing, smiling.  “Enjoy your visit to Santa?”  He took a CD from the elf with the video of what I had just enjoyed on it.  I nodded then began walking, gasping as the candy cane toy shifted tormentingly within both my pussy and ass.

Sir laughed and decided it was a great time for shopping.  Needless to say, when I got home, I was begging to be fucked.

Sir bound me up tightly, calling me his perfect gift and fucked me till I couldn’t talk.  Then he kept going before stuffing that blasted candy cane back into me to keep me stimulated far far into the night.

What a beautiful Christmas.

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