Tonight Pt 1

In the circles that he ran in, this was the party of the year.  The party that everyone waited for and hoped to be invited for.  If you were invited, you were someone.

After the car was valeted and the invitation checked at the door, J walked through the door of the house, seeing women on either side of the door like pillars, arms secured above their heads, small latex tops and bottoms on them, large red ball gags between red painted lips, their eyes covered by blindfolds.  There were straps around their necks, around their waists and around their ankles, even though they were not going far in the pointer boots that were on their feet.

J walked past, wearing a more formal black gown with one shoulder bare and a small train. A large round table sat in the middle of the entry way just beyond the women and a huge vase sat on it with blood red roses, their scent filling the room.    Off to one side of the entry way was a sitting room that had a small ensemble in it, playing string music, all of them in black formals as well.

J turned her gaze the other way and saw him across the room.  Their eyes met and she felt electricity shoot through her body, hardening her nipples and wetting her pussy.  He drew her across the room, pulling her toward him with simply a look.  She walked toward him like a moth to a flame.

And she knew she would burn.

He extended a hand to her and she rested her hand into his.  He bowed over her hand, kissing the top of her hand.  “I am glad you came.”

His voice was like whiskey on her nerves, calming her and warming her.  She smiled.  “I am glad you invited me.”

He turned, still holding her hand, guiding her through the rooms of black tied guests and woman in glittering jewelries.  He guided her through the house, letting her step into a room that had holes in the walls that the lower half of female body was coming out of, some on their backs, legs spread wide, some with their feet on the ground, ass more up in the air.  Men in tuxes were thrusting their cocks into the female bodies on display, their faces reddened and sweaty.  There were women in gorgeous gowns, fingering and licking at the faceless women’s pussies, their men watching and jerking off.

Marcus then turned, guiding her out of the sex scented room to the next room that had naked men and women servicing people around the room who were lounging and drinking.  Many women in gowns had their legs spread, their head back in pleasure as male and female alike hid under the folds of gowns, licking, sucking, touching, pleasuring.

Marcus stood behind her, his hands gently stroking her arms, saying nothing.  J could feel her body responding even more and she wondered how he did it.  How he made her body thrum without saying a word.

He guided her to a huge wall of sliding doors that looked out onto the back yard where the pool was.  And in that pool were mermaids, swimming topless, their tails made of various colors of latex, their hair color matching their tails.  Some were sitting on the edge of the pool, their tales flapping as their orally pleasured people

Marcus leaned over, pressing a kiss to her bare shoulder.  “Come……” he said softly.  She trembled then turned to walk with him.  He guided her to his main play room, a room that the main event was held in.  The event always took place at midnight on the dot and it was standing room only.  A single woman was put on show, tormented for the crowd’s delight.  For that hour the woman was the focus of the crowd.

Marcus guided J into the play room, chairs in a large circle around a center point.  At the center was a metal contraption.  It was hard to see how a woman would be bent into that but J was curious to see.  J turned her gaze to Marcus who was watching her.

“So where is the female that will be the center of your attention tonight?”

Marcus smiled slightly, looking at her saying nothing.

J waited then her eyes widened slightly.  “Wait……Marcus… no no no no…..”

He smiled, turning her to face him, his hands sliding down her arms gently.  “You will be the center of attention, you will be the light in a very dark room.”

J shook her head.  “Marcus, I…..I am not ready.  I don’t think I can do this.”

He leaned in, kissing gently at her neck.  “You can…….and you will.”  He pulled back slightly and smiled.  “Won’t you?”

She heard herself saying yes, felt her head nodding yes even as her knees were shaking in fear.  He touched her face gently.  “Tonight… shall be the star of the show and people will wish to be you and wish to be with you.  Tonight… will dance and not just for me but for the people here.”

He guided her toward the center of the room, leaning over again to kiss her bare shoulder.  They were alone for now but soon people would start streaming in here, they would see her naked.  The plan she had envisioned for the evening changed dramatically.

Tonight she would be Marcus’ again.  Tonight she would be on display for all to see.  Tonight she would be toyed with and made to writhe before hundreds of eyes.

Tonight she would burn.

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