Tonight Pt 2

J soon found herself very very helpless.  She was in the middle of the room, her arms bound securely to a bar that ran along the back of her shoulders, her arms out straight from her in a T position.  Her legs were pulled up and out to each side, the ropes under her legs, pulling them spread out to each side, exposing her pussy and ass.  Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail away from her face and was secured to the bar with a rope so her head could not drop forward.  He wanted her every micro-expression to be seen by those that would be entering.

She hung there, very exposed as Marcus moved, getting various toys out, laying them on tables before her.  She wanted to ask him questions but the O ring between her lips let her only make sounds.  Marcus looked up at her and smiled, walking over to her, standing in front of her.  “You look stunning like this……and tonight……I am going to make you beg me to stop……and then….I am going to continue.”

J looked at him, her pussy visibly clenching, making a soft sound.  Marcus slid his finger tips down the side of her face gently.  “Ooooh I am going to enjoy seeing you squirm….seeing you beg…..seeing you sweat…….”  He leaned in, placing a soft kiss on her cheek then picked up a masquerade mask and put it over her eyes so that she was “dressed up for the party that would be coming in.

WITHIN the hour people began coming in, sitting in chairs around her bound form.  If they couldn’t see her spread pussy from where they were sitting they could see it on the screens that were displayed on 4 sides of the room.  The cameras would make sure to capture all the fun that was to be had.  J squirmed a bit but had no where to go.  She was in this now for the long haul.  No choice.

Soon Marcus came out, smiling to the group as if this was a fund raiser and not him standing with a spread naked female not 3 feet away.  “Welcome to the evening, ladies and gentlemen.  I hope you have been enjoying the evening so far.  But now….we are on to the main event.  I have a lovely lady here…..” he motioned is hand toward J, “who will be helping with the festivities.”

The crowd clapped politely then settled again as Marcus continued.  “The lovely lady will be experiencing forced orgasms tonight.  So we are going to have two bets going.  You will all find paper on your chairs.  Each bet costs $100 minimum.  The two bets you will be placing will be….” he held up one finger, “How many orgasms do we think she can handle and two… long before she passes out?”

J’s head looked up at him, eyes widening, squirming a bit in the restraints.  Drool slid down onto her chest and her breathing increased.  Marcus smiled.  “She is already eager to go and I can tell you from experience she can orgasm with the best of them.”  J shook her head as much as she could, breathing harder but  unable to do anything but hang where she was.

“Guests may come up, examine my guest, see how responsive she is….but you are not allowed to make her cum or get her close.  Not yet.”  Several people got up, moving up to surround her, moving their fingers over her breasts, causing her to arch slightly, her nipples puckering.  People were commenting on her body, touching her pussy, seeing that it was already wet.  Then she felt fingers sliding into her ass and she gasped, moaning out.  People chuckled and her face flushed.

Marcus then waved the people off.  “Alright… have 2 minutes to place your bets.  As always I get 20% of the pool and then the winner gets the remainder of the pool.”  He smiles then moves over, stroking her hair gently then leans in, speaking to her gently, softly.  “I am going to make you lose control of everything and all of these people are going to see it.”  He smiles, stroking her cheek.

The bets were now all in and people were now settling in for the show.  Marcus’ people began gathering up the cases for the bets, some thinking Marcus could get 40 orgasms out of her.  Some thinking she wouldn’t last 30 minutes with him before she would pass out.  Marcus moved to the side, getting nipple clamps then began pinching, twisting and pulling at her nipples until she was moaning softly.  He clamped the pink nubs and tightened them until she cried out, jerking.

Marcus then began hanging a couple of small weights onto the chain between her nipples before moving to get a very tiny vibrator and put it on a stand then eased the stand between her legs so that the vibrator rested directly against her clit.  He spread her pussy lips to make sure that the vibrator was directly against her clit then stepped back, letting it run there.  He then eased a thin probe into her pussy so that they could count the orgasms up on a screen, pumping it up so it wouldn’t fall out.

He then stepped back, moving to change into something less formal while the vibrator buzzed happily against her helpless clit.  She groaned, her eyes closing, distracted by the buzzing, feeling every single eye on her naked spread form, feeling the probe deep in her, the clamps biting angrily at her nipples.  If that was in her pussy then…..they couldn’t use that which meant there would be a focus on her clit…….and her ass.

Her breath caught at that realization.  Marcus stepped back over, snapping on some gloves then smiled, sliding her fingers between her pussy lips, rubbing and getting his fingers lubed up.  J groaned, her hips pushing to his fingers instinctively.  He smiled and watched her first orgasm wash over her.

Perfect.  The number on the screen changed to 1.  Marcus smiled and then slid a lubed finger into her ass, feeling her tense up, hearing a sound of discomfort and pleasure come forth from her held open mouth.  He began pumping his finger in and out of her ass, soon watching her body hump the air to the rhythm he was sitting.  Some guests were getting their cocks out or fingering their pussies.

But Marcus was focused on her.  Tonight he was going to push her, push her to new levels of pain and pleasure.

Tonight…..she would scream for him, sob for him, sweat for him……all in front of a room full of people.  But tonight…..she would only notice him….and tonight……he would only pay attention to her.

Tonight she was his prey, his challenge.



One thought on “Tonight Pt 2

  1. Looks like my comment didn’t get posted – I was literally breathless. I am so happy that you chose to write about the old set up – it is so delicious.

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