The Room Pt 1

She woke up slowly, feeling fingers lightly moving down her side.  She stirred slowly and then felt her hair being smoothed away from her neck and soft kisses being pressed there.  J opened her eyes slowly, taking a breath then felt a hand move from her hip to move up her stomach to her breast, cupping it then pulling at her nipple, causing her to squirm a bit, her lips parting in a soft sigh.

J opened her eyes and looked at the room she was in.  She remembered she was in Marcus’ guest room and apparently he was with her.  She turned over onto her back and looked at him.  “Hi……”

He looked at her, his hand moving over her breasts, over her stomach.  “Hello……”

Her body began to warm at his touch, a low burn building within her.  “So… this where you say you had a good time and show me the door?”

He smiled a bit.  “Am I that cold?”

J laughed.  “No.  But you are good at keeping people at arms length.”

Marcus looked at her, not responding then she shrugged.

“Anyway……if you need me to go……”

Marcus shook his head.  “No, I would like you to stay…..the weekend…..but there is a slight catch……’

She looked at him curiously.  “I would want it on my terms……which could be rough for you.”

J laughed.  “It is always on your terms, Marcus……”

He shrugged slightly, smiling.  She nodded.  “You have me curious.”  He smiled then moved to get up out of bed, moving to grab his pants and pull them on.  He then got a silk robe and handed it to her.

“Put this on and come with me.  I will show you that way you are agreeing with eyes wide open.”

J stood up, easing the silk robe over her naked form then got out of bed, moving to follow him, curious.  Marcus led her out of the room and through the now quiet house.  There were signs of the party that had happened but everyone had been escorted out.  Everyone but her.  That made her feel special.

Marcus guided her through the halls, his narrow waist and broad shoulders shown off in his very very casual, just out of bed outfit.  She wasn’t sure where they were going but soon they were heading out his back door and across the lawn to an outbuilding.  He then unlocked the door with his fingerprint then opened it, letting her into the building first.

J walked into the building and she was surprised with how sparse it was.  There was a set of chains in a corner, one set hanging from the ceiling, another in the concrete of the floor.  In the room there wasn’t much else.  A spigot coming out of one of the walls, a few windows that were dirty, a solid concrete floor, a drain in the middle.  Against the wall was a dresser.  As her eyes scanned the room they then landed on Marcus who was watching her.

“You would wish me to stay here or be in here for part of the weekend?”

Marcus nodded.  “Part if not all…….”

“Could I have a safe word for in here?”

He nodded.  “You could but there would be the understanding that if you use it then the weekend is over and you would go home immediately.”

She nodded.  “And will you tell me what might go on in here?”

He shook his head.  “No.  But I will tell you that you will be safe as always.”

She looked around the room then looked back at him.  “You always lead me to a new adventure.  I am in.”

He smiled a bit.  “Then let’s get you some breakfast and then we can begin.”

She nodded then moved back inside with him, her stomach fluttering with excitement.  She moved back into the house and he moved to the kitchen to begin cooking some eggs and bacon.  J moved over, sitting down at the counter to watch him, lost in thought over breakfast time.

Soon breakfast was over and he was being led out to the little building.  She walked out with him then stepped inside and he gently undid her robe, pulling it from her shoulders.  “You are sure about this?” he said softly.

J nodded.  “Absolutely.  And my safe word is jello.”  She smiles and he laughed, moving to her, kissing her deeply.  He then stepped back, turning her and guiding her to the corner, pulling the chain down and attaching a collar around her neck that chained her to the ceiling, giving her movement but she would not be able to get out of the building.  He then walked over, getting a set of steel cuffs and pulled her arms back behind her and locked her wrists back.

He reached around her, pulling at her nipples, rolling them, pinching them until she was adjusting her stance back and forth, her pussy beginning to respond.  He then turned, moving to the set of drawers that were against the wall.  He opened the drawer then pulled out a bit gag, walking over to her then put it between her teeth, the gag having an odd hole in the middle.  He then secured it firmly then eased the chain above her so she could kneel down.  He then attached a tube to the hole in the bit gag.

“You are not allowed to speak.  If you speak you will be punished unless it is the safe word.  If you need to bathroom, you will piss in the bucket……” he pointed.  “You will be hosed down when you are dirty and you will be fed from a dog bowl.  You will not be allowed to use your hands.  And when I come in you are to kneel down, legs spread wide, ass up, head to the floor and wait in that position until I tell you to move.  Understood?”

She nodded, stunned.  This was different.  He nodded then turned, walking to turn a valve then he turned walking out of the room, shutting the door behind him.  It was then she began realizing that the gag in her mouth was dripping water into her mouth.  She also then began to focus on how warm it was in the room.  She felt sweat beginning to gather on her bare skin and soon sweat was sliding down her body.

The water was dripping slowly but she was having to swallow and that was building up  and it was becoming monotonous and driving her a little crazy.  She had no clue how long she had been in there but soon she did have to pee.  She glanced around then looked at the bucket holding it as long as she could but soon it was too much and she found herself crouching down over a bucket and began pissing into it, blushing deeply.  She had just pissed into a bucket.

A bucket.

And the water continued to drip, slowly into her mouth.  She heard the lock on the door opening and she knelt down, remembering what he said.  It took a while but she got over onto her chest, her face down, the chain rattling behind neck.  She was exposed and vulnerable and she couldn’t see him.

What was he going to do?  Her stomach clenched even as her pussy began to get more and more wet from anticipation.  This was something so new, something so different.  What was he going to do?



13 thoughts on “The Room Pt 1

      1. Oh you read my mind there – this is absolutely amazing – if He asked, I don’t think I will ever leave.

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