Money Will Buy Everything Pt 1

They find money can get everything a person desires.

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He sat on the couch, smoking a large thick Cuban cigar.  The girl stood in front of him, naked and trembling.

“Why am I here?”

The man smiled.  “Because I deemed it to be so.”

She looked at him, wanting to run but knowing by looking out the window she would not be getting off this sprawling estate on her own.

“Now, I am going to have you do some things for me.  Sexual in nature of course.  And if you do not, there will be a price to pay.  Do you understand?”

The girl looked at him.  “What if I don’t want to?”

The man nodded.  “Then another will pay the price.”  He motioned to a side door and a couple of men rolled in a male, completely naked, bent over a wooden horse, his hands and feet bound at the bottom, his head hanging down between his arms.  The man then stood up, walking over to the naked male, grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head up.

“John!!!!”  She went to run to the her boyfriend but another muscled man stopped her.

“Now, do as I say and all will be well.”

The man smiled then pointed to a long bench that had dildos on it from very tiny to very large, all in ascending, or descending order depending on how one looked at it.  “Now, I want you to slide those up into your pussy, taking your time.  I will tell you when to move to the next.  Do you understand?”

She nodded, her eyes still on John.

“Good… begin.”

The girl walked over, easing down onto the first one.  The man smiled and sat back in his chair before looking over at one of the muscled men.  “Wake him up and hold up his head so he can watch.”

The muscled man walked over, putting smelling salts under John’s nose, John immediately waking up, jerking at the restraints then trying to say something but the dental gag in his mouth kept him from saying anything.

John’s eyes looked around then saw her and he began thrashing, fighting to get loose.  The man in the chair laughed then looked back at the girl.  “Good….now the next one…..”

She stood up, sliding off of the first and slid into the next one, slightly bigger, slighter thicker.  The man smiled.  “Good….now touch your breasts……caress them for your man……”

Her hands awkwardly moved up and began to rub at her breasts.  The man nodded.  “Good…pinch those lovely nipples…….”  She whimpered as she began to do so.  She could feel her pussy getting wet from the stimulation and John’s eyes on her.  She could see he was slightly hard.

The man’s voice broke into her thoughts.  “Next…..and keep pinching those tits……”

She slid up and off of the cock and down onto the next, making a soft sound.

“Good…..good…..” he said, now sporting a bulge in his pants.  “Slap those tits now…….”

She whimpered and slapped her own breasts, her eyes on John, seeing he was now getting harder.

This continued until she was unsure she could slide onto the next.  “Please….I can’t take this one…….”

The man smiled.  “You will…….now begin.”

She tried to slide onto it and whimpered, shaking her head, her thighs trembling.  “Please……”

The man motioned for John to be rolled over.  John looked around wildly as the man took his own cock out of his pants.  She shook her head.  “No!!!”

The man looked at her.  “Do it now!!!”

She slid down onto the cock, crying out, panting now, writhing before him on the huge cock.  The man’s rock hard cock was now out of his pants and he motioned them to continue to bring John over then they lined John up in front of the man and the man shoved his cock into John’s held open mouth and began fucking his face.

John thrashed in the restraints, grunting and bucking but he was being held firm.  He muscles tightened and bulged and his hard cock bounced wildly as the male fucked his face.

The man then came soon, cumming on John’s face and in his mouth.  John gagged and choked, cum dripping out of his mouth then he was spun around so that she could see him.

“Do you wish to refuse again?”

She shook her head, tears sliding down her face.

“Good….then next one……”

It was the next to last one.  She was sure she couldn’t do it but John’s eyes were now on her.  She mouthed she was sorry, unsure she could do this but then she stood up, easing back and slid down onto the cock, sobbing, taking her time, panting, sweat breaking out on her body as her pussy was stretched obscenely.

The man watched her, jerking off, cumming again on John’s thigh.  The man then reached under and slapped at John’s cock and balls, causing John’s body to buck.  “He likes seeing you suffer!! You see this!  He is hard because of your tears.”

She looked up and looked at John, tears streaming down her face as her pussy finally took in the cock.  She sat there, legs trembling, her body glistening.  The man walked over to her, grabbing her hair and twisting it around his fist before he pulled her head back, looking down at her.

“Your suffering is making him rock hard.  How does that make you feel?”

She sobbed, unable to answer.  He slapped her face.  “Answer me!!!”

“I hate it but I love it!! I love turning him on!!!”

The man smiled and looked at John.  “You made her a whore.  Seems we have the right couple.”

John fought against the restraints again even as the man moved back to stand by John.  “Now the last…..”

She looked up.  “I can’t…….”

The man smiled and moved over behind John then began rubbing his cock against John’s ass hole.  John fought.  He thrashed and jerked and growled but he was helpless.  “What did you say?” the man asked, looking at her.

“Stop!!! No I will try…..”

The man laughed.  “No…you will do it!”

She slid off the painful cock then began to slide down onto the even bigger cock.  She cried out and John watched along with every other male in the room as she slid down onto the impossibly large cock, slowing, painfully taking it into her body.

Once fully on it her legs were chained under the bench so she could not get off of it and the man smiled.  “Finger your clit……”

She sobbed, rubbing at her clit, the pain mixing with pleasure, doing confusing things to her body.  “Good girl… watch the equivalent happen to your man……”

She looked up and watched as their capture began  pushing his thick cock into John’s ass.  John yelled out, thrashing in the chains as the man began forcing his way into John’s ass.  She sobbed, screaming…….begging but the man continued and soon he was fucking John’s ass.

Soon the man came in John and he slid out.  The man patted John’s ass.  “You are a stallion……..I should enjoy riding that again very soon…..”

She cried, watching, helpless.  A cage was then rolled in and she was manhandled off of the bench and cock and shoved into the small cage, her legs forced through two holes that were big enough for her legs,  her ass resting on two bars that somehow ended up spreading her pussy and ass a bit wider.

The cage was lifted and she was moved down to a lower level in the huge home.  Her cage was hung from the ceiling and she was left alone.  But soon John was rolled in as well, now stretched out on a metal table, strapped down multiple times to hold him down.  One of the straps was between his teeth, gagging him even as it held his head back.

The table he was on was rolled under her cage and his cock was lined up right under her spread pussy.  If he lifted his hips just his tip would go in, enough to drive them both crazy.  So close yet so far.

He looked up at her, his eyes saying it all.  She looked down at him, her feet resting over his chest.  “I am so sorry, John…..I am so sorry…….”

He looked up at her silently and as their eyes met, they knew it was going to be a while before they got out of here……

if they ever did.

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