Money Will Buy You Everything Pt 2

Time passed differently when one had no idea if it was night or day, whether it had been hours or days.  All she knew was that she had been here for what seemed like an eternity.  Part of her wanted to feel lucky that John was here with her too but another part of her hated that he was here with her, suffering as she was.

She was currently on a round table, laying on her back, her arms and legs bound spread in an X.  She had been shaved everywhere and the air was even now tormenting her spread pussy.  Her eyes looked around, noticing she was in what seemed to be a ballroom.  The entire place was decorated for a party with blacks and reds, silver sprinkled throughout.  She squirmed, pulling at her restraints but all it did was cause her breasts to jiggle.

She had what had appeared to be a Christmas ornament between her teeth, creating an effective ball gag.  They had put it on too tight and it was firmly pressed deeply into her mouth.  She had clamps on her nipples, causing them to throb in time with her pussy but what was more humiliating was that at the end of the clamps were little Christmas bells that rang with each movement she made.

She heard the door open and voices.  Not one voice but many.  She squirmed, the tiny bells jingling merrily as people began to file in.  She bit hard into the gag but it didn’t give and soon people were mingling around the room, some coming over to blatantly look over her naked form.  A woman with gloves looked down at her then flicked the bell on her nipple, laughing delightedly as the bell rang.

“Oh that is marvelous.  We must get those for our pets for the Christmas season, darling.”  She looked over at a man in an expensive tux who walked over, looking down at the bells, who then nodded, looking at his wife.  “Whatever you would like, my love.”  He smiled.

She growled, pulling at the restraints angrily, her movements causing the tiny bells to jingle.  The woman laughed happily again then the couple moved on and more people began to gather around, touching, inspecting, probing.  She felt fingers toying with her clit, she felt something being dripped onto her clit then fingers rubbing at her.  She groaned, squirming, trying to not respond but the fingers were insistent that she become even more wet.

Then the fingers invaded her and she groaned, jerking again, fighting to close her legs but nothing worked.  She bit down harder on the gag as the fingers now pounded her pussy hard.  She felt an orgasm building and as she arched as high as she could, the damn bells ringing, the fingers left her empty and her pussy gasping wildly for any type of invasion that would push her over the edge.

She fell back to the table, whimpering, feeling just on the edge of orgasm but unable to get there without touch.  She heard laughter around the table, comments being made.

“She seems to like this.”

“She almost orgasmed immediately.”

“He is either that good or she is that much of a whore.  Or both.”

Laughter rang around her and she was humiliated, turning various shades of red.  The people laughed and many moved on to see other “displays” in the room.  Faces passed by her, hands touched her, probed her but none gave her orgasm.  She was soon sweating from the torment, squirming, trying to get out.

Then her captor stood over her, looking down at her, a smile in his eyes.  “You want to cum yes?  And you will.  But you must be a very, very good girl.  Plus you notice your friend is not here.  I expect your best behavior or he will, as before, pay for your sins….or lack there of.”  He laughed.

“Now, I am going to untie you and you are going to make your way to the front of the room.  You are to walk with your hands on your head, face forward.  I want to hear these little bells ring….” he moved his fingers over the clamps then grabbed her tit and shook it hard, causing the bell to ring wildly.  She groaned, closing her eyes, writhing.  He let go of her tit, a hand print left there.

“Now are you going to be a good girl?”

She nodded.

He smiled. “You might even get to sit on Santa’s cock if you are a real good girl.”  He slapped the underside of her tits, making those bells ring once again, causing her to cry out into the gag.  He then motioned a servant over.  He pointed down between her legs and the man leaned over, spreading her pussy lips.  She whimpered then felt something clamp onto her clit and she cried out, bucking in the restraints, new bells ringing with each helpless movement.

Now her clit throbbed painfully but soon she was breathing hard but not thrashing and was untied and helped off the table.  The man looked at her, taking out the gag then pointed.  “Walk……..”

She looked around, seeing people watching her then looked down, seeing a set of bells now hanging from her pussy.  She whimpered and began walking, hands on her head, legs spread slightly as the bells swung between her legs, pulling with each pendulum swing.

She kept her eyes forward, not wanting to see the looks she was getting and soon was up on stage, facing the crowd of about 30 people.  Not a ton but enough.  The man moved up onto the stage and smiled, turning to address the group.  “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen…..”

She zoned out, not listening, scanning the room, looking for John.  There were others in the room that were naked, bound, and in some bad position but no John to be seen.  She was pulled back to attention when a strap landed across her ass, causing her to cry out in surprise and stumble forward.  She flushed deeply when the crowd laughed.

“Now for some Christmas games……..”  He picked up a clamp with an ornament on the end then moved over, attaching it to the side of her breast.  She gritted her teeth, hissing as it bit into her skin then felt him continue to attach the ornaments to her breasts, her sides, the under sides of her arms, her thighs, he even had her stick out her tongue and attached one there.

By the time the one was attached to her tongue she was hurting.  He laughed, watching her tremble but hold her position.  “You must really love that man to do this for him……”

She trembled but said nothing.  He laughed, patting her ass then nodded.  “Now bend over, legs spread, grip your ankles…..”

She did so then felt is fingers exploring her wet pussy then he felt his wet fingers slicking up her winking asshole.  She squirmed but didn’t panic until she heard him say, “What Christmas games would be complete without a candy cane?”  He laughed, the crowd laughed, then she felt something pushing into her asshole.  She cried out, moving to get up but felt herself pushed back over again as the invasion continued.  She gritted her teeth, squirming but more came over to help hold her down.

Soon the candy cane was deep in her ass and he spun her around then bent over over again to show the crowd how she was filled.  “You know what is another perk to using a candy cane?”  He smiled, reaching for the candy cane then spun it in her ass, causing her to cry out then took the hook end and pushed it up into her pussy, the candy cane almost disappearing inside her, leaving the red and white strips between her pussy and ass.

She squirmed, feeling the candy cane invading her then she felt her hands pulled back, secured behind her firmly.  She winced as the weights attached to her were pulled off of her arms, leaving just those on her tongue, her torso and her sides.  “Now………let’s start our fundraising bid.  We have a set of games here for you to put them in order.  The higher the money for a game, that will be our first game.  And if you are the highest bidder you get front row seats to the game.  As well as pictures of the lovely elf.”  He laughed, smoothing down her hair even as she drooled down her chest, her tongue still out from the ornament hanging off of it.  Each bid starts at $1000.”

She glanced up at the board as he read off the games.

Reindeer Races.

Polar Plunge.

Santa Sit.

Writhing in a Winter Wonderland.

Silver Bells.

The bids begin to grow and grow.  The numbers went up and up and up and she was amazed at the money being tossed around.  She felt the clamps being removed from her body, leaving only the bells on her nipples and clit as the ornament on her tongue.  Pain washed through her and the man stepped forward, rubbing around the clamp on her clit, making her squirm.

“Now we shall see what game the people choose…..and that my dear, is the first one you shall endure.”  The people didn’t know what exactly they were voting for.  All they knew is that she would suffer and money would be exchanged.

Now they waited for the vote.

(If people reading would like to, they are more than welcome to vote in the comments.  If not enough votes are submitted then the author will choose the first game.)

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