Grey House: Arrival

Men and women alike are taking into and trained at Grey House.  If you wish your fantasy to come true, to experience said fantasy, then your gender, your identity, your color do not matter.  Most of the fantasies, people can’t tell any of those things anyway.

For this article we are going to be following a male we shall call Robert.  Robert is a male in his mid 30s, dark brown hair, green eyes.  In his vanilla life he is a single banker, enjoying money, women and a comfortable life.  But as stated on his application he has “been searching for something more than just sex.  I want someone to make me do things I never would.  I want to not be the dominant one.”

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Grey House

Now please, everyone stay together.  We don’t want anyone getting lost here.  That could cost you far more than you wish to pay.

This is called Grey House.  A sprawling estate in the state of New York.  69 acres of stunning green fields, acres and acres of deciduous trees, waterfalls, caves.  Near the back of the 69 acres, led up to by a long winding road behind a large stone wall and iron gates, sat an estate of granite, looking more like Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice than a medieval, boding castle from Dracula.  While there is an old world field to the grounds the security is up to date with the only visibly part being the camera on the gates to make sure those who wish to enter are supposed to be there.

When the gates open the drive wound up to the beautiful sprawling estate that is spread across the land with various smaller houses around it, a couple of stables, a large garage and a couple of storage buildings.  It is lovingly referred to as Grey House.

People stay here but not really as guests.  Well, they are guests but they are guests that serve.  They serve in some form or function.  Those that come here fill out applications months in advance of their hoped for visit.  They fill out waivers, releases, and a very very intimate questionnaire that would make most people blush.

The focus of Grey House is to make people’s fantasies or nightmares come true.  The shortest stay is 1 week going up to the longest stay of 1 year.  Here people became slaves: sissy slaves, pig slaves, sex slaves, latex slaves, pets. Here, people lived out fantasies in safety and peace.

And while there are many hands that keep the place running like a well oiled machine there is one main person that is the head.  She is the queen of the grounds, she is the mistress that walks into the room who can make even the toughest shudder and harden at the same time.

She is simply known as Mistress A.  Some believe the A stands for her name, others feel it is for Alpha, the beginning.  Others feel it is for annihilation but they are a bit dramatic.  Nothing happens without her knowledge in Grey House.  And soon, soon a new batch of “guests” will be arriving.

So please….settle in and wait for a moment, for soon, you will see the processing of the new pets and then, through them, you will get a tour of this home.  And don’t cause any problems or wander too far from the group, for if you do, your stay may be far longer than you anticipate.

God of Lightning

He was having a party and she was the centerpiece.  She was humiliated and wet and the party hadn’t even started.  She was currently kneeling on the coffee table, her hands bound out to each corner of the table, breasts hanging below her.  Her knees were on the table, bound down and out so that her legs were spread.  Then her ankles had been bound down to the legs of the table, keeping them in place.  He had a belt around her neck and had her hair pulled up in a messy ponytail.

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Like a Bird

She lay on the bed, naked, her hands and ankles locked into a bar that was between her legs, keeping her ass and pussy up in the air.  The side of her face was resting on the bed under her, the blindfold firmly in place over her eyes.  Her ass was red from the spanking he had given her, her pussy glistening from the fucking he had given her.

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Something to Scream About

He woke up and turned over, seeing his beautiful wife laying beside him on her stomach, sleeping soundly.  They had made love the night before and he had been eager to try something new with her.  So he leaned over, quietly opening a drawer on the side table and pulled out a ziptie.  He then very, very gently pulled her arms back behind her, putting the ziptie around them then secured her wrists firmly at her lower back.

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She lay on a small wooden structure, her arms strapped down tightly just below her sides.  There were straps across her spread thighs, her legs bent at the knees and strapped at the ankles at the base of the structure.  There was another strap across her waist, and another above and below her breasts.  Her head hung off the end, currently keeping her head upside down, her face partially red from the angle.

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The Interview Pt 3

I looked at him, not sure what to say.  I then took a breath and nodded slowly.  “A promise is a promise.”

He smiled and held his hand out.  I looked at him nervously then put my hand into his.  He guided me over to a pair of shackles hanging from the ceiling then lifted my arms slowly, locking them into the shackles.  I jumped slightly as I felt the padded steel lock around my wrists, locking me into place.

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The Interview Pt 2

Marcus leaned back in the chair and smiled faintly.  “Let me tell you about my first time…..”


I was 18.  I had enjoyed a roll in the hay every now and then but nothing that had really, really made me feel…..great.  I had begun to think at 18 that sex was overrated.  WAY overrated.  Other guys talked about how great it was and I truly thought there was something wrong with me.

Then….I met Cat.

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The Interview Pt 1

Hello, my name is Alex and I am a journalist.  Some people would think I am not but I am.  I just write for a more….adult magazine.  Yes, yes, haha I write the articles that people are always reading in said magazines.  But today I am excited.  Today I am interviewing someone that has been eluding people since I can remember.  I have been trying to interview him for years and there has been no response, no “yes”, no “no”.  Simply silence.

That is, until a week ago.  I got an email from him stating that he would do the interview but on certain conditions.  I would find out those conditions when I got to the interview space.  I agreed right away.  Didn’t think to ask about what those conditions would be nor did I think that maybe I should think this out before agreeing.  I simply agreed.

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Behind Closed Doors

She was laying on the bed, legs bound to the corners of the bed.  Her arms were up and bound to the headboard and her mouth had a gag in it that kept her mouth open, allowing sounds but no words.  She squirmed, her bare pussy clenching in anticipation.

He walked in, looking down at his wife, his prize.  Damn, he was lucky to have her, to have a woman that loved this, loved being bound, loved being tormented, loved being teased.  He walked over and put a rope around her leg above her knee and pulled her leg spread to the side a bit more, exposing her wet pussy even more, knowing he was doing the right thing as her toes were curling slightly, a soft moan coming from her parted lips.

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