Money Will Buy You Everything Pt 2

Time passed differently when one had no idea if it was night or day, whether it had been hours or days.  All she knew was that she had been here for what seemed like an eternity.  Part of her wanted to feel lucky that John was here with her too but another part of her hated that he was here with her, suffering as she was.

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Money Will Buy Everything Pt 1

They find money can get everything a person desires.

He sat on the couch, smoking a large thick Cuban cigar.  The girl stood in front of him, naked and trembling.

“Why am I here?”

The man smiled.  “Because I deemed it to be so.”

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Tonight Pt 2

J soon found herself very very helpless.  She was in the middle of the room, her arms bound securely to a bar that ran along the back of her shoulders, her arms out straight from her in a T position.  Her legs were pulled up and out to each side, the ropes under her legs, pulling them spread out to each side, exposing her pussy and ass.  Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail away from her face and was secured to the bar with a rope so her head could not drop forward.  He wanted her every micro-expression to be seen by those that would be entering.

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No Mercy

Her husband was a football player.  He was 6’7, built like a wall and sexy as hell.  She was smaller, 5’1 but she held her own with him.  She was a firecracker, with an attitude that made up for her height.  For this story we shall call them Melody and Garn.

This night they had been playing around, teasing each other, taunting each other in playful ways.  Through teasing and pushing and shoving they ended up very naked and on the bed, making love.  His huge body was over her smaller one, pounding at her pussy in ways that made her scream and writhe in pleasure.  She clawed at his arms which only made him thrust harder into her, his hands gripping at her waist to keep her in place.

Once Mel had orgasmed multiple times and he braced himself over her, watching her, feeling her body clamping on his.  He rocked his hips slowly,  hearing her gasp softly.  He grinned down at her.

“Can’t handle much more huh?”

She looked up at him, her eyes defiant.  “I can handle anything you throw at me.”

He grinned.  “Is that right?”

She nodded.  “Yes……”

He nodded.  “Let’s put that to the test.”

He slid his cock out of her pussy and flipped her over onto her stomach.  She grunted then he grabbed his belt and secured her arms behind her firmly then he pushed her arms up a bit and began spanking her bottom until she was writhing and bucking, crying out with each hard slap of his hand against her now bright red bottom.  And yet he didn’t stop.  He kept going until his hand ached.

She lay there, breathing hard, unshed tears in her eyes, her ass on fire then he grabbed her hips, lifting her hips up off the bed then reached over, spreading her ass cheeks and began pushing his cock into her ass.  She cried out, groaning loudly as he continued to force his shaft deeper into her.  Her body trembled in front of him as he pushed deeper into her.

Then he reached forward, grabbing her hair, pulling her up off the bed, using her hair like reigns, one hand on her hair, one hand on her lower back and he began sliding in and out of her red ass, causing her to moan louder still.  She writhed before him, panting now then her body jerked and she came, her ass clamping tightly on his cock.

He smiled then continued pounding her ass, dumping his seed into her ass, filling her enough that some of his cum was forced back out.  He then slid out of her ass, still holding her hair then began spanking her ass again until she was crying out, squirming.

He then pulled her up by her hair onto her knees then began fingering her pussy as his other hand moved from her hand to pinch and twist at her nipples.  She writhed against him, crying out, her body trembling as his fingers thrust into her wet pussy over and over again until she screamed out, cumming again.  He didn’t stop though.  He kept his fingers thrusting into her, pushing her over the edge of no return, pushing her to orgasm after orgasm until she was putty against him.

He finally had mercy, turning her onto her side, watching her body shudder.  He lifted her leg up and slid back into her pussy, pounding her without mercy.  She moaned, her body covered in sweat then jerked, cumming again, screaming out for mercy.  He smiled.

“Do you give?”

She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at him.  “Screw you…..” she said weakly.

He grinned.  “With pleasure.”  He thrust into her again, listening to her screams of mercy soon echo off the walls.  And yet no mercy was to be had.  No.  He wanted her to learn just how far he could push her.  And in that, to show her just how much she could take.

Yes, tonight there would be no mercy.

God of Lightning

He was having a party and she was the centerpiece.  She was humiliated and wet and the party hadn’t even started.  She was currently kneeling on the coffee table, her hands bound out to each corner of the table, breasts hanging below her.  Her knees were on the table, bound down and out so that her legs were spread.  Then her ankles had been bound down to the legs of the table, keeping them in place.  He had a belt around her neck and had her hair pulled up in a messy ponytail.

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Behind Closed Doors

She was laying on the bed, legs bound to the corners of the bed.  Her arms were up and bound to the headboard and her mouth had a gag in it that kept her mouth open, allowing sounds but no words.  She squirmed, her bare pussy clenching in anticipation.

He walked in, looking down at his wife, his prize.  Damn, he was lucky to have her, to have a woman that loved this, loved being bound, loved being tormented, loved being teased.  He walked over and put a rope around her leg above her knee and pulled her leg spread to the side a bit more, exposing her wet pussy even more, knowing he was doing the right thing as her toes were curling slightly, a soft moan coming from her parted lips.

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I stood at a bar table, laughing and sipping a drink.  We stood around a table and he stood behind me, his arms around my sides, laughing and joining in the conversation.  It was a nice night out, enjoying it with friends.  The space was tight.  There were tons of people here and he was having to push in closer to make sure that there was space for people to pass behind him.

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Part of the Decorations

Mel had been visiting a guy on and off to get her fix for bondage taken care of.  He used her body to help him create new bondage items.  He loved working with steel and impossible to get out of bondage positions.  Ones that made her body scream in pain, scream in discomfort and sometimes just made her scream.  He loved pushing her to those places and she was now addicted.

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Fantasy to Fetish

She walked up to the unassuming brick building with a single red door, a bright light over the door.  She looked at the card in her hand then looked at the gold numbers on the door.  311.  She took a breath, having never done anything like this.  She wasn’t even sure why she was here but…..well she was.  Her stomach fluttered with nerves.  This was a fantasy she had and she had been directed here.

She reached up and knocked on the door.  The door opened by an older woman who was dressed in a simply dress and a large smile.  “Hello there, deary, come right on in.”  The older woman stepped out of the way, letting her in to the clean, nice space.  It was very loft like, with exposed bricks, pipes overhead, large windows that let in natural light but did not let anyone see in or out.

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Trying Something New…..waiting.

He was driving me insane.  I was locked into a kneeling position, on hands and knees, naked.  My head was locked into place with the steal around my neck.  He had inserted an anal hook into my ass and had my hair attached to it with a thick rope, keeping my head up and looking forward.  Then a vibrator had been pushed against my clit, a huge dildo spearing my pussy.  The vibrator was off now and I was just basically humping it, pulling the hook in my ass.

And speaking of my ass, holy hell, he had unloaded on my ass, fucking it until I was sure it was destroyed.  I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass and sliding down to my pussy, tormenting it in that horribly pleasant way.  Oh, I just wanted to cum and he wasn’t going to let that happen.

Not yet, not until he wished it.  I was his slave.  I was his toy.  I was his.

I had to wait until it was in his time.  There was no begging, no whimpering.  If I begged, he ignored me longer and I didn’t want to be ignored.

No, I wanted to be his.  So I will wait.

That is all I can do.