Work Day – New Assignment

Part 1

Marcus glanced down at her then undid the button on his jeans.  “Come on…..up on your knees…..”

J struggled to get up and back to her knees then looked up at him.

“Undo my pants with your teeth.”

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Breaking Her In

Part 2 (Previous)
Part 1

Marcus moved into the room and untied her.  He then grabbed her by the hair and guided her off the bed with his fingers still firmly buried in her hair.  As long as she kept up she was not going to be hurt.  He pulled her over to a set of shackles and, letting go of her hair, grabbed her wrists, raising them above her head to attach them in the thick leather cuffs.  He then pulled out a wooden block about 8 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 7 inches high.  He put it by her feet then tapped on her feet until she stepped up onto it, her feet close together on the narrow surface.

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Happy New Years: The Main Meal

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with something forcing their cock into my sore pussy.  I whimpered, feeling it forcing it’s way in.

“She’s waking up,” Jim said, as if relieved they hadn’t killed me.  Had I had the energy I would have smiled.

“Of course she’s waking up, idiot.  The way you wake up a whore is with a cock,” Bill said back, laughing.  I felt the cock thrust into hard to me and I cried out only to be gagged by another cock sliding between my lips.  I immediately began sucking, having been very well trained by my Sir.  I whimpered and moaned then felt my hands being guided to other cocks.  Soon I was taking a cock in my pussy, another in my mouth, and had one in each hand.

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Honeymoon Pt 1

He helped me out of the car, letting me finally see where we would be spending our honeymoon.  It was a cabin in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains, beautiful lakes, and I guessed, hundreds of miles of hiking trails.  I smiled happily to Sir and took his hand, letting him guide me up to the cabin.  I could tell he, too, was excited about this place and he wanted me to be happy here too.

We walked through the heavy wood door of the cabin and headed inside.  To the right of the door was a living room area with a bed in the back corner.  There was a door to what I assumed was a bathroom and a kitchen that had what we needed and nothing more.  I felt his hands on my waist, sliding under my shirt to rest his fingers against my skin as I looked over where we would be staying.  No tvs, no internet, no phone.  I was sure, though, that we would be creating our own entertainment while here.

“Do you like it, my love?”

I smiled and nodded, reaching up, stroking his face gently.  “I love it.”

“Let me go get our bags.”

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To Please My Love Pt 1

So many things had changed.  We were married now.  I was not only his slave but his wife.  We had nights where we were just a loving husband and wife and those nights he was so attentive.  And now in the painful Dom way but in a loving husband way. Continue reading “To Please My Love Pt 1”

To Dance for a Man

I would tremble if I could but I am too tired to.  I hang from the ceiling, my arms, shoulders, all sore.  How long have I been hanging here?  I don’t know.  The time has simply run together.  I feel sweat sliding down my body, over one of the welts and even that hurt.

How had I gotten here?

Well… Sir had wanted me here.  Simple enough.

And now, I was with Marcus.  He had left me hanging here after a pretty severe whipping session where my torso was thoroughly whipped, including front and back, breasts and stomach, thighs front and back.  The skin had not been broken, at least I didn’t think so but it felt like my body was torn apart.

I was doing this for Sir.  Well…..enduring it.

I heard a sound behind me and turned my head, a dental gag holding my mouth open.  My mouth was sore, my tongue dry.  He had pissed into my mouth to keep it wet and then had shoved his dick down my throat, gagging me over and over and over until my eyes watered.  And he had then continued.  But now, most drool was gone, just the leftovers that slid down over my marked breasts, sliding slowly down my torso.

Marcus was behind me, his arm reaching around my hip and fingering my pussy roughly.  I groaned, squirming a bit, closing my legs around his hand to try and get mercy.  He just fingered my pussy faster, making me groan loudly, writhing in the chains, panting more, suddenly drool being found again as I groaned and squirmed.  I threw my head back as my orgasm began to get stronger and stronger.  Oh I was going to fall over the edge but it was then that he stopped.

I screamed in frustration, having had no orgasms yet and I was sure I had been here for hours, days?  Marcus laughed.

“You want to cum don’t you whore?”

I groaned, looking at him.  He laughed then patted my pussy.  I pushed my hungry pussy toward his hand and he laughed, then flat hand slapped my pussy hard but not hard enough.  I groaned, closing my eyes, shuddering but could not get my needed orgasm.

I heard something rolling across the floor behind me and then I turned, seeing what appeared to be a large dog house rolled up beside me.  The top was easily 3 feet across at the bottom that peaked at the top with a slender curved ledge.  I glanced over, curious.  He then  moved over to me, wrapping an arm around my leg and lifted it, pushing the doghouse under me, between my legs.  My legs were now spread wide to either side of the dog house.

I groaned, looking down as he began easing me down from my suspension onto the roof of the doghouse.  My muscles in my arms and shoulders groaned in relief.  I felt the peak of the roof of the doghouse pressing firmly against my pussy and clit and I looked down, moaning as Marcus took my right ankle and put a manacle around it, adding a weight.  I groaned, squirming then felt him do the same to the other, pulling my pussy down harder on the rooftop, making me moan.

He stood up then reached down between my legs, rubbing at my clit, moaning me moan and rock back and forth on the doghouse.  “Little whore…..we are going to make that pussy sore.”  He smiled then left me.

At first it was uncomfortable, the pulling on my ankles, the pressure on my pussy.

Then it was painful.  I rocked back onto my ass a bit, taking pressure off of my pussy but the peak of the house spread my ass cheeks more, putting pressure on my asshole.

Then that began painful and I rocked back forward and moaned as my sensitive clit was crushed.  I moaned, trembling and continued this dance of pain as I shifted between my ass and my pussy, each shift making the peak spread my pussy lips or ass cheeks even more until there was no further to go but against the most tender parts of my body.

Marcus came back into the room and I was sure he would take me off, would have had his fun but he sat down with a video camera and began taping my squirming.  When he came closer to me after a while of taping he reached down, showing the camera how red my pussy was.  To get a clearer view he pushed me until I rocked back onto my asshole, causing me to crying out around the gag, his fingers spreading my pussy lips to show my reddened engorged clit.  He tapped my clit and I screamed in pain and pleasure, my body trying to lift up off the roof but I couldn’t.

He then he moved around behind me, pushing me forward onto my clit and I cried out, fighting him as my clit was crushed under my body weight.  Tears formed in my eyes and I panted.  I then felt him tapping at my asshole and I groaned, my body clenching.  He laughed, watching it clench and tighten and I was sure he got that on camera.

Marcus then moved around me and zoomed in on my face, my tear filled eyes, my drooling.  He grabbed a dildo and began shoving it down my throat making me gag and squirm as he continued to film.  Soon tears were sliding down my cheeks again and he continued filming, getting each fallen tear.  But he didn’t stop.  He continued thrusting the dildo into my mouth, making me gag over and over until I was sure I would throw up.

He then stopped and zoomed in on my nipples, twisting them until I arched and screamed out in pain.  My body writhed even more on top of the doghouse and it only increased the pain between my legs.  “I am going to make you so sore between your legs an I am going to send you home so that your Sir can fuck you senseless and at that point it will be all for his pleasure and none for yours.”

I sobbed softly, drooling freely now, eyes watering, make up running.

“But not yet.  You will go home when I am ready and I have you for a little more time.”

He pulled the cane out and I struggled in the chains, crushing my clit more.  “That’s it, girl, dance for me.”  He then brought the cane down across my ass and I sang and danced.

A Rough Beginning with a Wonderful Ending

I was partially asleep when I felt yanked up and off the bed. I was suddenly very awake and wondering what I did wrong, what was going on. He had my hand gently but firmly and was pulling me outside. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I wasn’t going to ask. I was still trying to wake up and creating a full sentence right now was going to be too much, let alone a question. I stumbled outside, feeling the cold patio cement under my feet and I saw where he was dragging me. Before my sleepy eyes was a set of stocks, the typical ones that would leave me bent over at the waist, head and wrists trapped between two heavy pieces of wood.

I looked at him, wondering what I had done but he simply led me over and opened it up, looking at me. My mouth moved, wanting to ask why but nothing came out. So I simply bent over, obedient and put my head and wrists into place. I felt the wood come down and hold me firmly without hurting me or putting any undo pressure on my neck and wrists. I heard him lock it and I whimpered then felt his fingers on my ass, rubbing. I groaned, closing my eye then felt a slap. I groaned, jerking, then felt his hand hit my ass again and again until I was gritting my teeth, whimpering with each hit, my feet shifting on the ground, trying to move around, as if thinking I could get away from my

Then he thrust into my pussy suddenly. It was not gentle, it was not tender, it was sudden and harsh. He thrust in and out of me, jarring my body in the stocks and all I could do was groan, my hands tightening into fists. My body began tensing, I began breathing harder, simply receiving his cock and loving every second of the rough fucking. Then, as my body was tightening up, building my mind shattering orgasm, he pulled out. I cried out in frustration and I heard him chuckle.

I stomped my foot in frustration and then there was silence. I felt him pick up the foot that had stomped and then I heard the familiar sound that I dreaded. “No, please no I am sorry”

I felt the cane hit the bottom of my foot and I screamed out in pain. My foot jerked in his strong hand but he did not let go and I heard it again. I potentially screamed from fear but also from pain. The pain though radiated through my foot and with each hit on my foot I screamed out, tears now in my eyes. My pussy was still soaked though and he knew that. He finally dropped my foot and I winced, holding it up a bit, not wanting to put pressure on it just yet.

I heard it again and I tensed up, crying out as the cane landed on my bottom. Tears were flowing freely now as he continued to mark my bottom, covering every inch of my bottom with lined welts. I was crying freely now. I felt his hand rubbing over the welts on my bottom and then I felt him spreading my cheeks and I felt his cock there. He began pushing into me, making me groan in pleasure then he began ramming me, his body hitting the marks he had just decorated my bottom with. I winced and squirmed but I could not go far.

I then felt his hand, that wonderful, amazing, scary, comforting hand ease between my legs, rubbing at my clit in ways that made my world come unbalanced. My eyes closed, squeezing more unshed tears from my eyes but now they fell not from pain but from relief. I moaned as he continued to thrust into my ass as his fingers played over my clit and then into my pussy. My body began tensing up again, ready to cum and I was terrified he would not let me.

But he did. My body tensed and I came hard, and somewhere in the midst of my orgasms I felt him flood my ass with his seed. I shuddered and moaned, feeling his arm circle my waist to hold me up. He released my head and wrists and then pulled me into his arms, holding me against him. “Thank you…..” he said softly, kissing my temple. He lifted me into his arms, carrying me inside, straight to our bathroom. He turned on the shower then stepped in with me, cleaning me, washing me, caring for me. He took tender care of me, showing me once again that I was loved, cared for and treasured.

Then he lifted me, my body wrapping around his and under the warm water, he made love to me.

A Pre-Work Session

I woke up slowly, stretching in the bed.  My hand wandered over to his side of the bed and I found nothing but cooled sheets.  I opened my eyes and reached over, seeing a piece of paper. “Come to the playroom when you awaken.”

I smiled, sitting up, wiping the sleep from my eyes then got up, moving to the bathroom to take care of basic morning needs then moved for the playroom.

With each step that I took I was more and more nervous. What did he have planned? And it was a work day so I was going to have to go to work in a couple of hours. So what was he going to do?

I walked into the room and saw him sitting there, a book in his hand, a cane across his legs. I tensed. I had not been caned yet and I knew it was going to hurt.

He looked up at me and smiled, shutting the book and laying it aside. “Good morning.”

I smiled a bit nervously. “Good morning.”

He stood up, the cane in hand. “You have not been caned and I thought it would be a wonderful way to send you into your day. You will go through your day with a welted bottom and perhaps a few other welts, so that each move you make today you will think of me, of this moment, of us.” He smiled then moved over, kissing me gently. His hand moved up to my face, cupping my cheek gently. “Are you ready?”

I nodded, unsure my voice would be strong enough. He smiled. “Good. Undress for me.”

I nodded again then eased my sleep shirt off laying it over a chair then slid my panties down my legs, trembling now. He handed me a hair tie so that i could put my hair up and it not get in the way. I gathered my hair up on top of my head, seeing his eyes going to my breasts shifting and moving as I put my hair up. I then looked at him, blushing. When he looked at me so intently, my face still heated up and my body responded.

He smiled, seeing the response, reaching out and tweaking one of my nipples, making me gasp softly.

“Do you wish me to bend over the table or something?”

He shook his head. “No, hands on your head. I want your entire body available for me.”

I nodded and put my hands behind my head, spreading my legs as I knew he wished, thrusting chest out forward and ass out backwards. It was such an unnatural way to stand, so…..on display. Humiliation came with each time I took this stance. But I did, for him. I heard him swing the cane behind me and my body tensed up, ass clenching. I then heard him swing again and I responded the same way. He was building up my nervousness, my anticipation and he knew it. He was playing with my mind.

Then I heard it cut through the air and land on my bottom and a scream tore from my throat as pain erupted in my backside. Tears immediately built up in my eyes and I was now breathing faster. He swung it down again and more fire erupted on my ass. I cried out again, body tensing, a tear escaping from my eyes. He continued methodically hitting various areas on my ass and the back of my thighs. I was sobbing openly now but was holding my position despite how violently I was trembling now.

I felt his hand on my bottom, rubbing the marked flesh. I saw a camera flash and realized he was taking pictures of my bottom. I whimpered, ass clenching which seemed to burn even more with any movement. He then walked around in front of me and before I knew what he was doing, brought the cane down solidly across my nipples. I screamed out, curling over and holding my breasts, sobbing openly now.

“Stand back up… more.”

I sobbed, shaking my head but he simply waited silently. I stood back up again, shaking hands clenching behind my head as tears flowed freely down my cheeks. He tapped the cane against my stomach and I trembled, it biting lightly. He then pulled back and hit me across the stomach, not hard enough to do internal damage but enough to leave a mark and make me cry out again. He then laid the cane aside and pulled me against him, holding me.

I sobbed against him, trembling. He moved his hands over my hair then down my back then over my ass. “You are beautiful…” he said softly. “Now go shower and clean up for work.”

I turned and moved from the room, still crying softly. The shower was painful, the cloth making each welt, each mark, refire in pain, sending more shocks straight to my pussy. Now that I had calmed I wanted to cum but I knew I couldn’t. I finished the shower and got out, moving into our bedroom where he sat.

“Are you ok?”

I nodded. “Yes Sir.”

He smiled. “I am proud of you.”

I smiled back. “Thank you.”

He motioned to my clothing and I pulled on black panties, whimpering as they rubbed over and finally rested against my welted ass. I pulled on my bra and gritted my teeth as the bra material rested directly against my marked nipples. Once my blouse and skirt were on I moved to him and he kissed me gently. “I will see you tonight when I get home from work. And tonight I will fuck you senseless.” He kissed my forehead and patted my bottom, drawing a gasp from me again.

I turned, grabbing my purse and keys. The skirt was rubbing my bottom making every step hurt, the blouse shifting, rubbing against my bra, making my nipples ache and therefore harden out prominently.

Ah it was going to be a long, long day.