A Kiss of Love and Ownership


He gripped my throat as he thrust in and out.

I panted, I moaned but despite my discomfort my pleasure mounted even more.

He rammed my pussy, my ass.

I groaned, drooled, mumbled unintelligibly.

He made me void of thought, only a sex toy.

He made me void of demands, only desires.

He made me a wanton whore.

He made me a woman.

And it began and ended with a kiss.

A simple, beautiful….kiss.


An afternoon

She took her favorite position – on His lap. She wore His favorite clothing – a red and black check short pleated skirt that hardly came to the mid of her thighs along with a white blouse folded around her breasts. Not quite something one would see woman in her age wear, but she did n’t mind, at home in His lap she was a love slave. Moreover, she had been freshly spanked. So she was bouncing with joy. Her whorish instincts were into play. Though forbidden, she was touching His cock or part of His hairy chest that peeped out of the loose shirt He was wearing. She had sucked Him off not less than an hour ago, but she could not keep her hands off Him.

She was looking into His eyes and He into hers. Their eyes were playing mischief with one another. It was as if they silently spoke of lust. It was anyway a holiday. They either spent a lot of time on bed or on the couch. She was feeling very fresh and energetic. Earlier this morning He gave her that wonderful body massage from neck to toe with oil and then a bath. She could not ask for anything more. But wait, she always could. She wanted that tiny droplet of sweat coming down His chest. Without caring for permission, she bent over and licked it. She needed His body salt for nutrition.

‘You can not just keep yourself calm, can you – girl?’
‘Not unless you help me focus!’, she tried to sound innocent.
‘What do you mean?’
‘You know like the arm binders or handcuffs or the ropes or the cage or the …’
‘Enough of it slut, what are you trying to do, tease me to be hard on you?’
She did not answer directly and looked away, smiling, barely able to hide her mischievous smile. Her pussy was clenching at the thought of His cock, though she lost track of the number of times she was fucked the night before. He was probably dry by now but she could take an attempt to find out if He really were or not.
‘What was that, answer me, are you never ashamed of being such a slut all the time? Being such a whore? Where is your self control?’

In a flash her skin felt the shock of burning pain searing through her whole body as she shuddered in the memories of the night before – when she was tightly bound, exposed and danced in pain for hours. The images of her own tear stricken face with a mess of cum and piss and welts all over her body came in front of her eyes.

A drop of tear came to her eye involuntarily and fell on a feeble whip mark on her breasts, that was now fading after hours of torment. She did not know if it was a tear of joy or sorry.

She put her arms around His neck, looked at Him into His eyes, ‘Who would I be a whore for, if not you?’

At that very moment, they both felt proud for each other and jumped on to each others arms once again, almost ripping their clothes. No one remembered who made the first move.

To Dance for a Man

I would tremble if I could but I am too tired to.  I hang from the ceiling, my arms, shoulders, all sore.  How long have I been hanging here?  I don’t know.  The time has simply run together.  I feel sweat sliding down my body, over one of the welts and even that hurt.

How had I gotten here?

Well…..my Sir had wanted me here.  Simple enough.

And now, I was with Marcus.  He had left me hanging here after a pretty severe whipping session where my torso was thoroughly whipped, including front and back, breasts and stomach, thighs front and back.  The skin had not been broken, at least I didn’t think so but it felt like my body was torn apart.

I was doing this for Sir.  Well…..enduring it.

I heard a sound behind me and turned my head, a dental gag holding my mouth open.  My mouth was sore, my tongue dry.  He had pissed into my mouth to keep it wet and then had shoved his dick down my throat, gagging me over and over and over until my eyes watered.  And he had then continued.  But now, most drool was gone, just the leftovers that slid down over my marked breasts, sliding slowly down my torso.

Marcus was behind me, his arm reaching around my hip and fingering my pussy roughly.  I groaned, squirming a bit, closing my legs around his hand to try and get mercy.  He just fingered my pussy faster, making me groan loudly, writhing in the chains, panting more, suddenly drool being found again as I groaned and squirmed.  I threw my head back as my orgasm began to get stronger and stronger.  Oh I was going to fall over the edge but it was then that he stopped.

I screamed in frustration, having had no orgasms yet and I was sure I had been here for hours, days?  Marcus laughed.

“You want to cum don’t you whore?”

I groaned, looking at him.  He laughed then patted my pussy.  I pushed my hungry pussy toward his hand and he laughed, then flat hand slapped my pussy hard but not hard enough.  I groaned, closing my eyes, shuddering but could not get my needed orgasm.

I heard something rolling across the floor behind me and then I turned, seeing what appeared to be a large dog house rolled up beside me.  The top was easily 3 feet across at the bottom that peaked at the top with a slender curved ledge.  I glanced over, curious.  He then  moved over to me, wrapping an arm around my leg and lifted it, pushing the doghouse under me, between my legs.  My legs were now spread wide to either side of the dog house.

I groaned, looking down as he began easing me down from my suspension onto the roof of the doghouse.  My muscles in my arms and shoulders groaned in relief.  I felt the peak of the roof of the doghouse pressing firmly against my pussy and clit and I looked down, moaning as Marcus took my right ankle and put a manacle around it, adding a weight.  I groaned, squirming then felt him do the same to the other, pulling my pussy down harder on the rooftop, making me moan.

He stood up then reached down between my legs, rubbing at my clit, moaning me moan and rock back and forth on the doghouse.  “Little whore…..we are going to make that pussy sore.”  He smiled then left me.

At first it was uncomfortable, the pulling on my ankles, the pressure on my pussy.

Then it was painful.  I rocked back onto my ass a bit, taking pressure off of my pussy but the peak of the house spread my ass cheeks more, putting pressure on my asshole.

Then that began painful and I rocked back forward and moaned as my sensitive clit was crushed.  I moaned, trembling and continued this dance of pain as I shifted between my ass and my pussy, each shift making the peak spread my pussy lips or ass cheeks even more until there was no further to go but against the most tender parts of my body.

Marcus came back into the room and I was sure he would take me off, would have had his fun but he sat down with a video camera and began taping my squirming.  When he came closer to me after a while of taping he reached down, showing the camera how red my pussy was.  To get a clearer view he pushed me until I rocked back onto my asshole, causing me to crying out around the gag, his fingers spreading my pussy lips to show my reddened engorged clit.  He tapped my clit and I screamed in pain and pleasure, my body trying to lift up off the roof but I couldn’t.

He then he moved around behind me, pushing me forward onto my clit and I cried out, fighting him as my clit was crushed under my body weight.  Tears formed in my eyes and I panted.  I then felt him tapping at my asshole and I groaned, my body clenching.  He laughed, watching it clench and tighten and I was sure he got that on camera.

Marcus then moved around me and zoomed in on my face, my tear filled eyes, my drooling.  He grabbed a dildo and began shoving it down my throat making me gag and squirm as he continued to film.  Soon tears were sliding down my cheeks again and he continued filming, getting each fallen tear.  But he didn’t stop.  He continued thrusting the dildo into my mouth, making me gag over and over until I was sure I would throw up.

He then stopped and zoomed in on my nipples, twisting them until I arched and screamed out in pain.  My body writhed even more on top of the doghouse and it only increased the pain between my legs.  “I am going to make you so sore between your legs an I am going to send you home so that your Sir can fuck you senseless and at that point it will be all for his pleasure and none for yours.”

I sobbed softly, drooling freely now, eyes watering, make up running.

“But not yet.  You will go home when I am ready and I have you for a little more time.”

He pulled the cane out and I struggled in the chains, crushing my clit more.  “That’s it, girl, dance for me.”  He then brought the cane down across my ass and I sang and danced.

An Appointment to Keep

I had been picked up by a taxi and would be taken home by Marcus. That is what i had been told on the phone. I was terrified. No terrified was not a strong enough word. But at the same time I was wet between the legs. My body just did not get it. Or perhaps my mind did not. Either way one was betraying the other and yet both were controlled by you. When you had called I felt compelled to come and do this, felt the need to make you happy, a desire as strong as breathing.

My hands shook as I opened the door to the taxi, climbing out into the dirt driveway of Marcus’ home. I was dropped off at the end and was made to walk up the dirt driveway to the home surrounded by 8 ft tall, well manicured shrugs. Privacy was important to Marcus. My heels suck into the dirt and I stumbled a bit as I moved up to his home. It was a well tended to ranch like home with 10 acres of land. Plenty of room for him to explore as well as maintain privacy.

The door opened and he stood there, wearing a short sleeve tshirt fitted to his form and a pair of jeans that fit him as well as his tailored slacks. He motioned me in and I walked in slowly into the room. As soon as the door shut he stopped me. “Undress completely.”

I trembled and took my suit coat off then undid the buttons on my blouse. I slid the blouse from my shoulders then unzipped my skirt, stepping out of it carefully. I folded it all and laid it beside the door on a chair then put my heels under the chair before easing my panties and bra off. He then motioned me to kneel down and crawl my way into the room. I knelt down, feeling sheer embarrassment and humiliation and began crawling. As I crawled I could feel the cold hard stone of his floor against my knees and hands. He walked slightly in front of me, having me stop in the center of a large room that appeared to be like a living room but the furniture had been moved out of the way. As I stood up at his command I saw the huge exposed beams that I guessed I was going to be secured to at some point.

Apparently that point was now. He took my left arm, spreading it out to the side and secured it with a lined leather cuff. He then did the same to my right arm. He then walked around me and leaned down, taking my left leg and spread it out to the side, securing it with a similar leather cuff to the one on my wrist. He then did the same to my right ankle, spreading my legs wide, making me rely a bit more on the restraints on my arms. I licked my lips and looked at him, watching him move to get something off of a nearby table. He then walked back and looked in my eyes. “Mouth open, tongue out.”

I look at him, wondering and open my mouth, sticking my tongue out. “Further.” I push it out further and then he puts a chopstick across the top of my tongue and another under my tongue. He then took small rubber bands and began wrapping them around each end of the chopstick rolling the rubber bands until the rubber bands were against the side of my tongue. I whimpered and my tongue wiggled, unable to get it back into my mouth. A gag of sorts. I whimpered and looked at him but he had already moved on. He put a chopstick above and below my nipple then did the same to my left nipple, making me moan and squirm as he tightened the rubber bands on it. He then moved to the other as I made sounds of protest that were simply noises.

Marcus then moved and got a smaller whip and walked over, moving it over my body, spinning it and letting the strands of it hit my naked body over and over. At first it didn’t hurt but as he continued my skin began to wake up more, which was the point of the flogger, and it began to sting more and more with each hit. Soon I was squirming and whimpering, drooling down my chin and chest as my tongue was still held out. He then focused on my ass, making me arch away from the flogger and still he continued, dragging moans and cries from my mouth as I tried to get away. He then moved around in front of me and began on my breasts.

I cried out, trying to pull back, to protect my breasts, especially my squeezed nipples. I was shaking, trying to protect them but he continued until I was panting and moaning. He continued though, until I was squirming in earnest now to get away. Then he went to work on my pussy, hitting it over and over and over, making me cry out, going up onto tip toes as much as possible. I was trying to wiggle my hips to get them away but he continued to slap and bring the flogger against my pussy, making the skin redden and sting. I cried out, eyes beginning to water and he stopped, patting my pussy.

I trembled, breathing harder then felt him move over and bring his hand down hard on my ass. I cried out,arching forward, panting in shock and pain. My skin was already awake and sensitive and he had just hit my ass hard enough to leave a hand print. He moved up closer behind me and he continued to spank my ass, leaving red hand prints on my ass until I was trying to beg him to stop, eyes watering a lot now, panting, trapped tongue wiggling out of my mouth. He then moved around in front of me and slapped the side of my breast, making me cry out. He then alternated, slapping each breast alternately. He was slapping the outsides of them, then from the insides, then from the undersides, making them bounce with each solid hit. A tear slid from my eye as I now panted.

Then he smiled and I trembled, shaking my head. He then moved his hand down and brought it up between my legs with a solid smack. I cried out, writhing in the restraints and he continued, slapping my spread pussy over and over and over, until I was crying now, tears freely sliding down my cheeks. My breasts were bright red, my ass bright red, and now my pussy bright red. I was breathing heavily and then he moved away from me again. He moved to a pulley and pulled, it pulling me up tighter, pulling me up off of my feet, stretching me wider. I groaned now, trembling, now up in the air, spread wide.

He then walked over, getting the whip. He walked over, unrolling it before me. I trembled, whimpering then he moved, bringing his arm back and brought the whip down across my stomach. My entire body tensed and bucked in the restraints, screaming. He then continued, each lash coming down, lashing my stomach, across my tits, across the front of my thighs, the back of my thighs, my ass and up my back. I screamed over and over, thrashing in the restraints as mark upon mark, welt upon welt, was put onto my body. I was now openly crying and one of the chopsticks on my nipple was barely hanging on, having been hit by the whip a few times.

Finally it stopped and I was crying openly now, drooling, covered in red lines and welts. I was sweating now and was gasping for breath. Marcus moved over holding a riding crop then slapped the chopsticks fully off of my nipples, yanking my nipples over and over until they fell off and my screams continued. He then undid my left leg and then folded my left leg up against the back of my thigh, binding it in place. He then did the same to my right leg, leaving me hanging from my arms painfully. I whimpered, squirming in the restraints and he then moved, getting a riding crop and began to crop my sensitive arm pits, making me jerk and sob in the restraints.

Once my arm pits were bright red and throbbing he lowered the chains so that I was on my knees on the floor. My arms were still pulled straight up, keeping me balanced precariously. I then felt him putting something on my foot. I didn’t see that he was putting a rubber band on each of my feet. He then pulled the rubber band up and let it go, letting it strike the bottom of my foot. I screamed out in pain as he began moving back and forth between my feet, striking the bottom of my feet over and over. My toes were curling and I was crying again. He then eased me down to the floor after easing the chains and laid me back on my folded up legs, he then spread my legs wide and put a spreader bar between them.

I then felt his fingers on either side of my pussy and then I felt his fingers spread, opening my pussy lips more. I then felt something resting against my pussy and I prayed it wasn’t what I thought. I felt the rubber band land squarely on my pussy and I screamed out, arching, writhing as much as I could, sobbing now. I then felt it again and I screamed again and came, and came hard. I was coughing and sobbing, begging wordlessly as I continued the rubber band assault on my clit. I screamed more and choked on my spit, sweating profusely now.

He left me laying alone for a bit on the floor in the uncomfortable position. I moaned, laying arched, legs held open wide, now way to rub away the ache in my feet, in my pussy. I didn’ tknow how long it had been since there were no clocks but he finally moved back, undoing my arms and flipped me over onto my aching nipples. I moaned and he put a belt around my upper arms and began tightening the belt until I was arched back tightly. He then put another belt around my elbows and wrists then bound my hair to the strap around my upper arms, forcing my head to stay up. He then slid something firmly against my clit and suddenly the buzzing began.

I screamed out again, writhing and he secured it so that it was firmly against my clit. I moaned and he left me to be tormented and forced to orgasm until I was relying on the strap to hold my head up. I was aching all over and was almost out of it when I felt the rubber bands begin again and on the bottom of my feet. I screamed out, going fully awake again. He rubber bands continued on the bottom of my feet until I was sobbing openly again.

He removed the vibrator then he began undoing my restraints. He tossed me a rain coat. “Put it on.” I got up weakly, body trembling and pulled on the raincoat. It scratched at my skin, not soothing me in any way but tormenting me more. He then kicked over heels that were higher than my normal heels, the heels would put more stress on my already strained feet. I slid them on, standing painfully. He guided me to the door, opening it and guided me to a taxi. He opened the back door and pulled the back of the coat up so that my bare ass and pussy were against the taxi’s seat.

I was mortified. He then handed me a DVD. “Give this to Paul.”

I nodded, wanting to just cover up more, still feeling very naked, even with the coat on. He kissed the top of my head.

“I do hope to see you again soon.”

He smiled then shut the door and I was on my way home, on my way back to you. I wanted to run to the house when we pulled up but I couldn’t due to the heels. I walked painfully toward the house and knocked on the locked door, well aware of the headlights on my form as I waited at the door, needing you now more than ever.