God of Lightning

He was having a party and she was the centerpiece.  She was humiliated and wet and the party hadn’t even started.  She was currently kneeling on the coffee table, her hands bound out to each corner of the table, breasts hanging below her.  Her knees were on the table, bound down and out so that her legs were spread.  Then her ankles had been bound down to the legs of the table, keeping them in place.  He had a belt around her neck and had her hair pulled up in a messy ponytail.

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Predicament 1 – Doggy Door

I headed out to get the mail from out front.  I glanced around, once past the covered front porch and saw Mr Johnson watering his lawn.  He smiled, waving at me and I waved back.  Then I saw Sean, my other neighbor, mowing his lawn and I waved at him, seeing him wave back.  The mailman, Mr. Gorgon, waved at me from down the street as he filled the next mailbox.  I waved back then moved out to the mailbox, opening it and pulling out a couple of magazines, a lot of junk mail and a bill.

I turned, walking back to the house and turned the door handle to find it was locked.  I frowned.  I tried the door again and it was still locked.  I could not believe this was happening.  I glanced over at Mrs. Bradshaw’s house and her car was gone meaning I had no access to my spare key.  I glanced around, looking at the windows.  None of the windows had been opened yet so that would not be a way in.

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Learning a Lesson (very short story)

He grabbed her hair, pulling her out the door to the back yard.  He had guests over for the big game and all the men stopped, turning to watch as he dragged his wife out of the house by her hair.  She cried, begging but he heard none of it.  He was done playing her games.  He dragged her to a tree and then secured her wrists tightly together then above her head.  The group was not intrigued.

Her arms were raised above her head as she twisted and turned in the restraints, begging him, pleading with him not to do this.  He pulled her top down, baring her large tits then grabbed her skirt and pulled it up, baring her ass.  He then grabbed her leg and pulled it up toward the trunk, then did the same on the other side, securing her legs to the trunk in front of her, the position keeping her ass and pussy thrust out from the tree.

He turned, looking at the others.  “She needs to be punished.  Fuck her.  Use her.  Degrade her.  Humiliate her.”

She struggled, begging him to stop, promising him that she would be good.  15 men moved in toward her helpless form.  She struggled, begging and her husband sat down to watch, knowing tonight her lesson would be one of pain and humiliation.  Tonight her pussy would be taken by multiple men, his friends.  Had he planned this?  No.  But it would work.

She had to learn.

The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – A Week Later

Part 1

Sam walked down the street, having to pause from time to time to look into windows.  But as she stood there, it was not to really admire whatever was behind the glass.  Toys had been ordered by Paul, sent to her and she had to put them in place before leaving work.  She had put rubber bands around her nipples as he had told her in the note that had come with the toys.  Her nipples were aching, hard and throbbing and each step was making her shirt rub on them and make them ache all the more.   Continue reading “The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – A Week Later”

Happy New Years: The Main Meal

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with something forcing their cock into my sore pussy.  I whimpered, feeling it forcing it’s way in.

“She’s waking up,” Jim said, as if relieved they hadn’t killed me.  Had I had the energy I would have smiled.

“Of course she’s waking up, idiot.  The way you wake up a whore is with a cock,” Bill said back, laughing.  I felt the cock thrust into hard to me and I cried out only to be gagged by another cock sliding between my lips.  I immediately began sucking, having been very well trained by my Sir.  I whimpered and moaned then felt my hands being guided to other cocks.  Soon I was taking a cock in my pussy, another in my mouth, and had one in each hand.

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Happy New Year: Appetizers

My ass was on fire.  I don’t know how long they had been spanking me but I had lost count long ago.  I was crying, tears sliding down my flushed face.  I had been spanked with everything they could think of: wooden spoons, a leather paddle, their hands, and their belts.  I was sure my ass was bright red and glowing as badly as it hurt.

“Good girl….” I heard Sir say.  I cried softly but nodded, mumbling a thank you Sir.

I heard someone clap once and I jumped.  Marcus laughed.  “Poker time, boys!!!”

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Happy New Year: The Set Up

It was the party of the year.  The party that Sir loved.  Marcus even seemed excited in his own way.  I think the idea of what was to happen that night was distracting to him.  He was calling for me more often, fucking me over the counter, having me suck him off while he was still seated in the car from coming home from work, whipping me for longer sessions, stretching my body to new positions in bondage.  

Or maybe that was just him.

I smiled and glanced out the sliding glass door on the living room.  From that place I could see not only the yard and all the toys out there but also the new addition that Marcus and Sir had been working on.  They had both been in the new addition, working on something big.  It made me nervous to think about what they could be working on.  Then again it made me wet and excited.  

“Trying to peek, darling?”

I turned, jumping and saw Marcus standing there.  “No, Marcus.  I was lost in thought.”  Marcus moved over to me, sliding his hand up my naked side and up to my breast, massaging it firmly with his hand. 

“Are you sure you weren’t trying to peek?”  He smiled a bit at me.

I glanced up, my nipples hardening.  “Are you wanting me to say I was so you can punish me?”

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The Choice Pt 3

I woke up, wincing in pain.  I wasn’t sure what time it was but it appeared to be afternoon.  I must have slept several hours.  They let me sleep several hours.  That always tended to not bode well.  I looked around and then stood up, stretching.  I walked slowly into the other rooms to find my two new Masters.

I walked slowly in, my body so sore.  I passed a small bathroom and stopped, looking at myself in the mirror.  My body was marked and bruised from the whippings, spankings and beltings.  My pussy was puffy and sore from the flat hand spanking I had received numerous times and then the waking up throughout the night with one of them in me, whether my pussy, ass or mouth.  I moved my hand over the bruise on my breast from Marcus biting me.

Then I glanced up at my eyes and smiled, seeing the excitement lighting up my eyes from the inside.


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Weekend Entertainment Part 1

I had asked Sir if I could serve a group of men.  Just one night.  Sir had said he would think about it.  He would tell me by Friday.  It was Tuesday.  It was going to be a long week.


It was Thursday.  I tried to be patient.  I sat through dinner, eating quietly, watching Sir but he said nothing.  I wanted to ask but knew better than to do so.  When dinner was done I cleaned up the dishes, cleaned the pots and pans then moved into the living room, kneeling before Sir and began to suck at his dick hungrily.  He moved his fingers through my hair then soon pulled my head down onto his cock, forcing me to gag then shot his load down my throat.  He then kept my mouth on his cock, stroking my hair.

We were not talking tonight.  At least I was not.


I came home from work on Friday.  I opened the door stepping in and eased the heels off of my feet, sighing softly.  I heard something in the other room and turned, moving to see what the noise was.  Sir was sitting at a poker table with his friends, all of them laughing, chips in front of them, cards in their hands.  Sir turned, looking at me and smiled.  He put his hand down, saying he was out and moved over to me.

“Welcome home.”

He leaned in to kiss me and I returned the kiss gently.  “What….is going on?”

He smiled.  “You will serve these men and me tonight.”  I looked at him shocked.  No time to prepare mentally.  But Sir knew that.  He did it to keep me off balance.  “Now go and undress.  Leave your hair up and put on the make up that runs when you cry.  You know I love how that looks.  Then come back to us, stand at attention, and wait for a command.”  He smiled and kissed me again then patted my bottom and turned, moving back to the table.

I was shocked, stunned.  But he was my Sir and I was safe.  And I hadn’t to say it, but I was turned on.  I moved to our room and undressed, shaving in all the right places, did my make up as he asked then took a breath.  I could hear the men laughing and it made me nervous.  Even as I licked my dry lips I felt the tingling warmth between my legs.


I walked into the room and the men just continued talking, as if I wasn’t there.  I wasn’t sure how to respond.  I moved, standing beside Sir, within arms length, and spread my legs then put my hands behind my head, arching my chest out and thrusting my ass back.  I then held that position.  The men kept playing.

“Go get beers for all of us, girl.”

I nodded.  “Yes Sir.”  I turned, walking out of the room, my pussy now throbbing.  I was humiliated from the ignoring but at the same time I was also so so turned on.  I grabbed 6 beers then walked back to the table and opened them, putting one before each man.  One of the men reached out, caressing my hip slowly.  “She has lovely curves.”

I moved to stand back up but the man kept his hand on my ass.  “Stay bent over girl.  I like your curves and wish to enjoy them.”  I stayed bent over the table, his hand moving over my ass and then I felt his fingers probing at my pussy.  I gasped softly, my hips jerking.  “She is wet.”

Sir smiled across the table at me.  One of the men reached over and pulled at my nipple, making me moan softly, leaning down closer to the table.  One on the other side began pulling at the other nipple.  I closed my eyes, breathing harder.  The man beside me slid 2 then 3 fingers into my soaking pussy and I grunted, hips bucking.  My face flushed more and my hips bucked.  I was breathing harder and was so embarrassed that I was putting on such a display for the men.

The man pulled his fingers from my pussy without allowing me an orgasm and then stood up, shoving his fingers in my mouth.  I sucked at his fingers, tasting my own juices, moaning as the other two men continued pulling, now rougher, at my nipples.  The man beside me then slapped my ass.  “Get off the table whore.”

I whimpered and stood up as they let go of my now very hard nipples and walked around the table, finishing handing out the bottles of beer.  I then moved back to stand beside Sir again, hands behind my head, chest out, ass back.

And I stood, ignored.  My pussy just got that much more wet.

I then heard a change in the room.

“Next hand wins her mouth.  If you win, you cum on her face or tits.  NOT in her mouth, clear?”

The other men nodded and began playing.

The man that had been fingering me won the first hand.  I moved to him and he had me kneel down in front of him.  He grabbed my hair and began fucking my face hard.  I whimpered, crying out as he thrust into my throat over and over and over.  He then pulled out, still gripping my hair and sprayed his cum all over my face.  I closed my eyes as the thick seed sprayed in hot globs on my face.

I stayed kneeling as the man shuddered.  “Mmmm she is good.”

I heard my Sir laugh.  “Yes she is.”

“Let’s play again.”  They all laughed and began the next game as i knelt there, cum drying on my face.  But there wasn’t enough time to dry.  No.  They passed me around, taking my mouth, thrusting down my throat and then cumming on my face and tits over and over.  I couldn’t even open my eyes, it was on my face so thick.  I could feel it sliding down and falling onto my tits.

I felt a hand on me, helping me stand up and then someone stood behind my, pulling my arms back and sliding their arms through so that I was arched out.  I then heard someone come up to stand in front of me.  I felt their fingers on my nipples then they began twisting them cruely.  I cried out, squirming in the hold of the man behind me.  I couldn’t see who was torturing my nipples but they twisted, pulled and twisted more as I cried out, writhing.

Then I felt the first slap.  It hit my breast from the side and I cried out in pain.  The person before me then began slapping my tits back and forth, hitting one from all angles.  I was hit on the underside of my tit, then on the outside then on the inside.  They were slapped from the top down then hit right on the nipple.  I was crying when the person was done.  I then felt someone’s hands around my ankle, pulling it out, another around the other ankle, putting it out.

I heard a belt buckle being undone and I trembled in the hands of the one holding me.  I then heard it a split second before the belt landed hard between my legs.  I screamed out, trying to close my legs but the hands on my ankles kept my legs spread wide.  The belt landed again hard on my pussy and a sob escaped my lips.  My head thrashed back and forth as the blows continued to rain down on my pussy.

I heard the men laughing and then I felt fingers shoved into my pussy and worked hard in and out.  I moaned as three fingers were shoved up in me, pumping in and out.  “She is soaked!!!”  I heard Sir laugh and I moaned as the fingers continued thrusting in and out.  I arched then screamed out and came hard, shuddering.

The man behind me let go over my arms but someone was there, taking the belt and putting it around my biceps.  I felt it pulled tightly and buckled.  My breasts were thrust out and I was sure they were beat red.  I was then led by that belt across the room.  I felt something hooked around the belt and then I was pulled up until I was barely on my tiptoes, hanging from my arms which were now pulled together behind me.

I hung limply as I dangled from the ceiling.  The men went back to their game.  I could hear the chips going, could hear the cards going.  At one point I felt a hand gentle on my breast.  Then I heard Sir whisper.  “I am so proud of you, girl.”

I managed a smile through the dried cum.  I then felt a bite onto my nipple and whimpered as clamps were put onto my sore nipples.  Then weights were added and I was left to my own again.  I hung there, unable to see, nipples screaming in pain, pussy feeling as if it was swollen, my juices all over thighs.

I was belted, on my thighs and ass.  I was popped with rubber bands on my feet.  They put something sharp under my feet, something that I later found out was one of those plastic things that goes under an office chair, just upside down.  It felt like nails though.  I was sobbing and the men continued laughing and playing their game.

As the evening wound down they said thanks to Sir and headed out without even noticing me.  I then heard the door shut and Sir was soon beside me.  He helped me down and guided me back into the bedroom, leaving my arms behind.  He then shoved me over the bed and thrust into me hard from behind.  He began fucking me hard.  He gripped my hair and rode me hard.  I groaned, my pussy so sore but he still kept going.

And I must admit, the pain….oh damn it felt so good.  He slapped my ass as he rode me and he didn’t let me cum.  Not yet.  He made me hold out but when he gave permission my world exploded.  He filled me with his cum and then he slid into my ass, taking that hard.  I cried out but shuddered through 2 more orgasms.  He then pulled out of me, flipped me over and began ramming my mouth.  I tasted my own filth but I didn’t care.  I sucked him hard and he came again.

I was breathing hard and he was breathing hard.  He undid my arms and took the clamps off my nipples.  I screamed out as the blood rushed back to my nipples and it hurt so bad.  Sir rubbed at my nipples, trying to ease the pain.  He smiled and wrapped his arms around me.  “You did well tonight, girl.”

I smiled.  “Thank you Sir.”

I felt his fingers rubbing gently between my legs, rubbing at my sore swollen pussy.  “You are going to be the main show tomorrow so get rest tonight darling.”

My eyes widened and I whimpered but soon was moaning again as my Sir played my body like the Master he was.

Play Date

She trembled, kneeling naked on hands and knees up on the table, her head up and looking straight forward.  Her hair was in pigtail braids that hung on either side of her head with small blue bows at the top of them and at the ends.  Around her neck was a collar that glittered in the light with sparkling stones around the neck and in the front a blue bow tie.

“She is lovely.”

The woman walked around then slid her fingers over the pet’s face, tilting the girl’s head up.  She spread her lips, looking at her teeth then at her eyes.  She nodded.  “She will make good breeding stock.”

Her eyes widened at this statement.  He walked around, having attached her leash to a hook from the ceiling above the table.  The woman that was walking around examining her pushed fingers into the pet’s pussy, making her gasp, eyes widening.

“Yes she is tight.  My boys will like that.”  The woman smiled, making the pet’s skin crawl.

The woman then pulled out a checkbook and wrote him a check.  “Three hours.”

The man nodded, they shook hands and then she was being unhooked from the table and led to the backyard.

The pet was led over to a low lying stock like system.  It was opened and her head and wrists were put into the stocks.  She looked around, feeling the warm afternoon sun on her bare back, felt the dirt and rocks digging into her knees.  She shifted, trying to see but then froze when she heard what sounded like a gate opening.

She glanced up, seeing the female and her owner watching through sliding glass doors.  She then felt something touching her pussy, a tongue.  She gasped, jerking then felt someone up on her back.  She jerked and a ……person came around and it was a male but he had on a mask that looked like a dog on the top, dog paws on his feet and hands and a raging hard on.

Then a second, then a third, and the weight was still on her back.   At least four male pets were out here with her and apparently she was the treat.  She yanked at the restraints but they only barked in excitement, their cocks bouncing wildly under them as she struggled.  Then she felt the first one penetrate and she screamed.

And they continued, pawing awkwardly at her tits, thrusting into her pussy over and over and over.  They continued as they took turns.  When they were not in her pussy some were in the front, shoving their cocks into her mouth, muffling her screams.  She started to bite at one but knew her owner would have her sewn shut.

She then felt them nuzzling, licking, nibbling.  Her body got over the initial pain and began to feel pleasure as it had been trained to do.  She fought it but the wetter she got the more excited they got.  Soon she was moaning as loudly as their grunts.  They allowed her orgasms and she enjoyed every single one.

Soon she was being led out to her owner’s car and put into a crate in the back.  She saw the four watching from behind the gates and she knew that soon, another play date would be set up.   She would once again be locked in the middle and the boys would play.

She settled into her crate, closing her eyes and slept, dreaming of raging hard ons that never ceased penetrating her.