The Room Pt 1

She woke up slowly, feeling fingers lightly moving down her side.  She stirred slowly and then felt her hair being smoothed away from her neck and soft kisses being pressed there.  J opened her eyes slowly, taking a breath then felt a hand move from her hip to move up her stomach to her breast, cupping it then pulling at her nipple, causing her to squirm a bit, her lips parting in a soft sigh.

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The New Stock

It had been a week and I had felt the strong hand of my Sir multiple times.  He had spanked me one evening simply for the fun of it.  My ass had been red the rest of the evening.  It had been hard to sit and he had continued with random spankings throughout the night.  I had gone to bed crying as he rammed me from behind, gripping and clawing at my ass.

Now he told me he had a new toy.  So he took me to our back patio and showed me a large piece of wood, metal in various places, hinged in the middle with a bar, like a one piece stocks.  I looked it over and he smiled.  “Want to see how it works?” I nodded.  “Undress…..”

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The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – The Beginning

Samantha McGillis was an average 30 something girl with an itch she couldn’t scratch.  She had enjoyed sexual partners and had enjoyed great sex but something was still missing.  So now she stood at the door of a bar, looking at the worn wood, knowing that once she stepped through that door something may happen to change her life forever.  Then again, she could step through that door, meet no one and come home in a few hours to masturbate to thoughts of a strong man in her life, taking charge. Continue reading “The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – The Beginning”

Happy New Year: Appetizers

My ass was on fire.  I don’t know how long they had been spanking me but I had lost count long ago.  I was crying, tears sliding down my flushed face.  I had been spanked with everything they could think of: wooden spoons, a leather paddle, their hands, and their belts.  I was sure my ass was bright red and glowing as badly as it hurt.

“Good girl….” I heard Sir say.  I cried softly but nodded, mumbling a thank you Sir.

I heard someone clap once and I jumped.  Marcus laughed.  “Poker time, boys!!!”

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The Choice Pt 2

I walked back down the steps, my heels clicking softly on the floor.  Marcus looked up and smiled, extending out his arm.  “Come here…..”

I walked over to him and he had me sit on his lap.  He then slapped my thighs, signaling me to spread them wide for him, which I did.  I then gasped as he shoved three fingers into my wet center and pumped them hard and fast.  I gasped, gripping onto his suit coat tightly, gritting my teeth as he rammed me roughly with his large fingers.  I tensed up, my body tensing around him and he slid his fingers out, slapping my pussy hard.

He laughed as I cried out, my body jerking.  He then continued slapping my pussy hard again and again, the sound loud in the empty room.  Or perhaps it was just to my ears as heat and pain exploded from my very center.  “Naughty slave….you don’t cum unless allowed and I do not recall either of us giving you that permission.”

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To Please My Love Pt 1

So many things had changed.  We were married now.  I was not only his slave but his wife.  We had nights where we were just a loving husband and wife and those nights he was so attentive.  And now in the painful Dom way but in a loving husband way. Continue reading “To Please My Love Pt 1”

The Return Pt 3

I must have fallen asleep.  I was no longer bound but I wasn’t sure I could move.  I was so tired.  I felt his hand on my hair, gently pushing it back from my face.  “Girl, come…..”  I looked up at him, confused from the journey between sleep and awake.  I then nodded, getting up, so sore.  Every muscle in my body hurt, my jaw hurt, my pussy hurt, my ass hurt.  I was still covered in cum and my body still had come marks on it from the spanking.

I moved to get dressed and he simply threw my hiking boots at my feet.  “Only the boots.”  I looked up at him and nodded then leaned down, pulling the socks that were stuffed in the boots and then the boots on.  Sir then moved over to me and began binding my arms behind me firmly.  He then began wrapping another piece of rope under one arm then moves it across my back and under the other arm then wrapped it around front and began wrapping my breasts tighter and tighter and tighter until he had my shoulders pulled back and my bound breasts pushed out.

Sir moved his fingers over my breasts and I moaned, shifting on my feet.  “Beautiful,” he said, his eyes full of love and lust.  He then grabbed another rope and put it around my waist, looping the ends through the loop at the middle of the rope.  He pulled it firmly back making me stumble, then he leaned down, easing the rope between my legs.  I looked down to try and see what he was doing.  “Spread your legs, girl.”

I spread my legs then felt the rope go up between my legs then I felt his fingers on my wet pussy, spreading my lips and nuzzling the rope deeper, framing my clit with the rope.  I gasped , squirming then felt him tuck the end of the rope between my body and the rope around my waist.  He then pulled, testing it and I gasped as it tightened, rubbing at my pussy and clit and I stumbled forward.  “A beautiful leash for a beautiful pet.  Now let us go for a walk.”

He pulled at the rope and I stumbled forward again, trying to keep up with Sir.  Some would say he had me by the balls….or in this case by the clit.  It would have been funny had it not been so uncomfortable. He headed out the back door and across our back yard, causing me to walk after him and keep up.  I was glad that we lived in the country with very little traffic.

He guided me along a hiking trail, my breasts aching, my pussy wet around the rope.  Sir didn’t look back, he just kept walking as if I was a dog, expected to keep up.   He took me across the trail, through the open area and then up into the woods.  Sir was kind and eased up the pace as he moved into the heavier wooded areas.  He seemed to know where we were going.  I didn’t.

After what seemed like forever of hiking, my body was sweating, my pussy was wet and sore, and my breasts were throbbing in time with my pussy.  We finally got to a clearing and Sir paused, looking around.  He then opened a bag he had been carrying and pulled out a water bottle, taking a drink.  I looked at the water thirstily and licked my parched lips.  He glanced over at me.  “Are you thirsty, girl?”

I nodded.  He then put the bottle away and began undoing his shorts.  I knew what was coming so I knelt down as slowly as I could then opened my mouth for him.  He walked over, pulling his cock out.  A hot stream of piss then shot out his cock and into my mouth.  I began drinking it down, gagging but keeping my mouth open for his piss.  When he was done he tapped his cock on my tongue to make sure none of it dripped into his shorts.

“Thank you, Sir.”

He nodded then helped me stand up.  He then walked me over to a downed tree, a younger tree and moved his hand over the rough surface.  “I am no longer punishing you for leaving for such a time.  I am now punishing you simply because I love to hear you scream.  Because I love to see you sobbing, writhing, breathing heavily.”  I nodded then he moved to me, helping pull me to my feet.  He then leaned down, easing my shoes off then my socks before walking over and lifting me to straddle the downed tree.

i whimpered, my pussy already wet.  I squirmed and felt the rough bark digging into my over sensitive pussy.  Sir then pulled one leg out and tied it to a post that he shoved in the ground.  He then moved to the other side of the small downed tree and did the same to that leg.  I cried out, my pussy now spread and rubbing against the rough bark.  I couldn’t squirm without rubbing harder.  I trembled, trying hard to  stay still, to stay balanced.

Sir then sat down and began eating an apple, watching me struggle, hearing my moans getting louder, watching the tears gathering in my eyes.  The sweat was already gathering at my temples and my breathing was uneven.  My arms were aching, my breasts were throbbing in time with my pussy.  I felt myself losing awareness of the world around me.  I felt myself not wanting to escape but to endure.  I felt myself proud of keeping my Sir’s attention.  My breathing slowed and the pain began to float around me, began to fill me with warmth.

I don’t know how long I was there.  All I saw was my Sir, watching me.  I saw him approaching me and I heard him saying something but it was hard to focus.  I had to endure for him.  He reached between my legs and began rubbing at my sore clit.  I sobbed, shaking my head frantically then began pissing all over myself.  Sir didn’t stop though, he kept rubbing until I arched, screaming out and came in an earth shattering way.

I felt I was falling but Sir put his hand on my head, holding me up as he continued to rub my clit.  My body jerked and bucked in the restraints and I shook my head, begging without using words that were understandable.  He continued rubbing and my body went rigid again, screaming out as I came again.  My body thrashed, rubbing harder against the tree but I didn’t feel the pain, I only felt myself shattering into a million pieces

When I came to I was off of the tree, laying in the dirt on my bound arms.  I looked up at Sir who stood over me, smiling.  I smiled back at him, feeling so beautiful.  Sir knelt down over me, shoving my legs spread then shoved his cock into my sore pussy.  I cried out in pain but he continued thrusting into me.  I would be walking oddly for days if walking at all.  He fucked me, hard.  I cried out and thrashed and he fucked me.  He took me in the dirt.  Like I was an animal.

And it was perfect.  Oh gawd so perfect.  He crushed my sore breasts, he slapped them around, even twisted my nipples causing me to arch and scream.  But he kept thrusting then he came, he came hard in me and I came hard on him.

When I was aware again I was being carried.  My arms were loose and I was out of all my bondage.  I was safe in my Sir’s arms.  I was home.  He carried me home and laid me on a mat to rest.  I didn’t move, too worn out.  He fixed me a bath and soon I was soaking and Sir was washing me gently, washing my body, washing my hair.  He had soft music playing and kissed my neck, caring for me.  He then wrapped his arms around me gently.

“Welcome home, girl.”

The Return

I had been very very naughty.  I had cut off Sir.  I had cut him off from everything, my thoughts, my feelings, everything.  I needed a break.  I was overwhelmed, I was stressed.  And Sir…..he waited.  Like the caring man, he waited.

He was there for my tears. He was there for my worry.  He was there.

Now I was back.  Now I am back.  I am writing this, stark naked, marked, sweating and trembling. I cannot tell you how many spelling errors I made with my trembling fingers.

He took me back.  Then he broke me again to let me see I needed him.  He had me strip naked before him, walking around me, tapping me with a cane, making me jump, making me gasp.  Then he secured my hands above my head, raising the bar until my toes just brushed the floor.  The pressure on my shoulders was already intense.

Then he secured my leg up and to the side, putting a rope just above my knee and pulled it up so that my leg was up, spreading my legs before him.  He then walked over and slid his finger into my already wet pussy and began pumping his finger in and out, finding it already slick for him.

I moaned loudly, squirming but he continued until I was begging him to cum.  He simply smiled and continued thrusting into my new very wet pussy.


I moaned.  “Please, Sir, Please allow your very naughty girl the chance to cum.”

He continued thrusting his fingers into my pussy then added two more, spreading them, making me grit my teeth.  My free leg jerked up and I tried to protect my pussy, to not cum, begging him but he continued, easily keeping his fingers deep in me.

“Are you my whore?”

I nodded frantically.  “Yes…….”

“My pet?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“My property?”

I nodded, defeated.  I just wanted to cum and if I wanted to cum and would give freedom for that, then I was a whore.

He smiled and began flat hand spanking my pussy, making me cry out, hips jerking, soon thrusting my pussy up to his hand with each flathand smack.  He then grabbed hold of my slippery clit and pinched it till I screamed.  “Cum, whore.”

I arched in the chains, trying to pull up, and screamed as my body was wracked with a powerful orgasm.  I then went limp, breathing heavily, sweating profusely.  He left me to hang in the chains, a mess of cum and sweat.  He then picked up the whip.  I saw the whip and I tensed, knowing it was going to hurt, badly.

The whip cracked across my breasts, biting into my nipples and I screamed.  More in shock then in pain but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.  Oh gawd, it hurt.  My nipples were throbbing and I looked down, seeing a red line developing across both of my breasts.  I looked up at him, unshed tears in my eyes and then he brought it down across my stomach.

I screamed again, arching and squirming, panting now.  It hurt.  Damn that hurt.

He then smiled to me and I knew that smile.  That smile meant he was going to make me cry.  He dropped the whip down then raised it up, cracking me between my spread pussy lips.  My entire body went rigid and I screamed in pain.  The tears began to flow.

He stepped up, taking my chin in his hand, raising my gaze to his.  “Mine.”

I nodded as much as I could, my pussy and nipples in fire.  “Yes, Sir.”

He reached up, releasing me from my chains and I dropped to the floor, crying.  I then leaned over and began kissing at his feet.


I knelt up, putting my hands behind my head, legs spread, thrusting my aching nipples out.  I looked up at him, my face tear streaked and he smiled.  “Open.”

I opened my mouth and his cock slid in part way then he began pissing.  I gagged and began drinking down his piss.  He finished and I licked his piss hole.  He then smiled down at me.  “I missed you, girl.”

“I missed you too, Sir.”

“Welcome home.”


I had texted Sir knowing he would wonder.

*I am wearing just a rain coat, a belly chain and a pair of heels*

I smiled, leaning back against the elevator wall.  I waited only a few seconds before my phone let off a tone signaling a returned text.

*Where are you? *

I smiled and the elevator dinged, the doors sliding open.  I stepped out into the work place that Sir worked in, greeting people I knew, waving to them.  I glanced over, seeing Sir in a meeting that he was unable to leave.  And I knew that.  But I saw his eyes meet mine and I knew he was suspicious.

I walked over to a cluster of desks, heels silent on the thick carpet then greeted a group of men that I knew.  My phone went off immediately and I smiled apologetically to the men but there eyes were firmly glued to my bare legs.

*What are you doing??*

I smile and text back.  *Waiting for you to get out of your meeting.*

I glanced over at him and his eyes were firmly on me.  I smiled at him then looked back at the men, sliding up onto the desk, crossing my legs at the ankles.

My phone buzzed again.  *Sit correctly*

I smiled and texted back.  *They can’t see anything.*

I crossed my legs, giving them a little more of my thighs to look at.

*Stop now*

I glanced over at him and could see the barely contained rage in his eyes.  Why I chose to continue, to this day I still do not know.

I shifted my foot and my shoe fell off.  One of the men knelt down to get the shoe then put one hand behind my ankle, the other on my shoe and gently slid the shoe back onto my foot.  I smiled down to the man, thanking him.

I glanced over and saw Sir was out of the meeting and walking to his office.  The walk was a walk of anger though.  I got up and moved to follow him, saying goodbye to the men and walking to the office.  I knocked and then entered.

“What, girl?”

“I came to see you.”

His gaze came up, anger boiling behind his eyes.

“And to flirt with the other men.”

“No, I was waiting.”

“No you were flirting.”

I stood quietly, looking at him, licking my lips.

“I am NOT happy,” he said, putting emphasis on the word not.

I nodded slightly.  “I am sorry, Sir.”

He nodded.  “Go down to the car, open the trunk, take the coat off, cuff yourself behind your back and climb in the trunk.  Turn with your back to the opening.  There is a rope inside that will allow you to pull the trunk lid shut with your cuffed hands.”


The look he gave me cut me off.  I nodded, knowing I had angered him and left the office to head to the parking garage.  I moved to his car, leaning in and popping the trunk.  I then walked around and looked around, seeing no one.  I slid the coat off, standing in my belly chain and heels, threw the coat into the trunk then reached in, cuffing my hands behind my back.  I then carefully climbed into the trunk, shivering at the cool air moving through the garage and over my bare skin.

I laid in the trunk, facing the front of the car then grabbed for the rope before yanking hard to slam the trunk.  Then….I waited.


I don’t know how much time passed but soon I heard the door opening and the car starting.  The car then began moving and I simply laid, naked and cuffed, waiting to get to where we were going.


The trunk opened and Sir yanked me out of the trunk.  I blinked glancing around and saw the cabin ahead of me.  Sir dragged me toward the door and in, not saying a word.  His grip on my arm was firm as he pulled me to the house and then inside.  I stumbled after him and he simply dragged me to our play room and then bent me over, putting my head into the stocks and then undoing my wrists just to put them in.

“Who put your shoe back on you?”

“What, Sir?”

He slapped my ass hard, causing me to cry out.  “Your shoe!  Who put it back on?”

“Frank, Sir.”

He turned, leaving me bent over, naked, exposed, trembling.  I trembled, knowing I was in trouble.  I don’t know how long I stood there but then he returned, my phone and a blue tooth in his hand.

“Is his  number in your phone?”

I nodded as best I could.  “Yes Sir.”

My legs were aching, my lower back aching now.

He put the bluetooth over my ear.  “You are going to talk to Frank and you are going to keep him on the phone until I am done with you.”

I nodded worriedly and then heard the phone ringing in my ear.

“Hi Frank…..this is Angelle how are you doing?”

He responded but I didn’t hear it because a lash came down across my ass, making me grit my teeth, my entire body tensing up.  Then lash then landed again and I groaned in pain, pissing running down my leg from the shock of pain, having had no working up to that.

“Yeah….I am ok.  I am getting…..ah….a massage and it is a bit painful.”

I laughed a bit then hissed again in pain as the lash bit into my ass again.

One lash landed across another and a cry escaped my lips.  Frank asked if I was ok.  “Yeah, sorry……a large ball of stress….in my back.”

Then suddenly Sir was plowing into me, fucking me hard, ramming into the stocks hard over and over.  My neck and wrists were rubbing and would be marked but that was not what I was worried about.  The fucking was painful and yet it felt so good.  He was claiming me as his again.  His nails digging into the tender skin of my hips was marking me as his.  I was his property, I was his whore, his slut and he was reminding me over and over and over again.

Frank was speaking in my ear and I didn’t hear a word.  I groaned again and I heard him saying something about hanging up.  I couldn’t even form words.  Sir was fucking me so hard it was all I could think of.  In that moment, Sir was my everything.  Nothing else existed but him.

I groaned and Sir clenched my hips even tighter.  “Did he hang up?”

“Yes Sir.”

He dug his nails in and I whimpered.  “Don’t you cum, bitch!”

I nodded frantically, fighting the orgasm that was coming quickly.  He continued pounding me, making me gasp, making me ache, bruising my pussy, reminding me of who I belonged to.

“Who do you belong to???”  He grunted out.

“You Sir!!!”

“What are you???”  He thrust harder, ramming me into the stocks harder.

“I am your whore…..oh your slut!!!”

My hips were pumping faster, my feet shifting on my heels.

“You will cum in 5 seconds.”


I moaned, gritting my teeth.


He slammed into me and I cried out again.


His nails dug into my skin.  I would be bruising.


I panted, barely able to focus now.


He thrust into me and blew his load, filling me with his cum.  I cried out.


My hips bucked against him, my pussy clenching around his cock hard, screaming out as orgasm slammed into me, causing my body to go rigid.  I was breathing hard when I could think clearly again.

Sir said nothing though.  He simply let me go and I collapsed onto the floor.  I lay there, crying for quite a while.  I didn’t know why I was crying.  Relief, sadness from disappointing him, humiliation?  I was unsure which.  I don’t know how long I laid there but soon I crawled out and went to clean myself then crawled into the living room, finding Sir sitting on the couch, still naked, drink in hand.

I crawled to him then knelt before him before laying flat, kissing his feet, my marked ass on display for him.  I began crying again, hating to disappoint him.  He said nothing.  “I am sorry…..I am so so sorry.”

“What are you?” He said softly.


“For how long?”


“You are not to flirt with other men….”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You know I am jealous.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He was silent for a while.

“Kneel before me.”

I got up and knelt, legs spread wide, my hands behind my head, arching my chest out, head up.

“Don’t ever forget you said you would submit to me.”

“No, Sir.”

“Do you still wish that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He nodded.

“Lick your juices from my cock.”

I could barely contain my smile.

“Thank you, Sir.”

I leaned forward and soon my Sir was groaning as my mouth slid over his cock.

A Cabin Adventure

We were going hiking. But let me go back a moment.

He had brought me up here last night, to a small cabin in the woods.  He had me wear a very, very short school girl skirt with no panties, a white shirt that was tied between my breasts and heels.  He had blindfolded me and driven me for what seemed like forever, occasionally caressing my inner thighs, making me writhe for him.  By the time we got there I was so hot.

He helps me out of the car, taking off the blindfold and shows me a small cabin in the middle of the woods.  The cabin was dark now but the moonlight made it light up softly.  He smiles and kisses me.  “You have done well, girl.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He slaps my ass gently then grips it, pulling me to him.

“How badly do you want me to fuck you?”

“So badly, Sir.”  I reply breathlessly.

He smiles.  “Get in the car and get out of the lube.”

I squeal in delight and move to the car, bending over and getting the bottle.  He takes it from me when I bring it to him and then he shoves me over the trunk of the car, pushing my skirt up.  “Don’t move.”

I moan, my hips moving eagerly.  He slaps my ass, making me whimper and moan and he does so again and again, until I am gritting my teeth, squirming and whimpering as my ass reddens more and more.

He then stops and I turn to see what he is doing.  “Bend over, girl.  Head on the trunk, ass out for me.  Spread those whore legs.  Show me you want it.”

I do as he asks, putting my head down on the trunk, then arch my ass and pussy up, both bare and ready for him.  He stands behind me but I can’t see him due to the position I now have to hold for him.  My pussy clenches eagerly and then I feel his fingers slide into my hungry pussy.  A moan tears from me.

“Tell me how badly you want it, girl.”

I lick my lips.  “Please, Sir, please fuck my ass and my pussy and make me scream like a whore in heat.  Please make me walk funny for days and sob in relief when you are done with me.”

He smiles and begins pumping his fingers in and out of my pussy faster and I grunt, my pussy gripping at him tightly.  He then slides his slick fingers out of my pussy and slides them into my ass, dragging a deep groan from my chest.  My ass arches up more and my fingers curl on the trunk.  My breathing is faster and I am sure I am going to cum.

I then feel a cock at my ass and he shoves into me hard and faster.  I scream out in pain and pleasure and cum hard but he just plows into my ass, his fingers gripping at my sides hard.  I simply held on as he slammed into my ass, causing me to cry out or make soft sounds of pleasure or both.  He then pulls out and begins tapping his cock on my pussy.  My body arches to his cock and he smiles.

“What are you?”

“Your whore Sir.”


“Your whore Sir!!!!”

He smiles and slaps my pussy hard with his hand, causing me to scream out in surprise then he plows into my and slams me into the back end of the car over and over and over until I scream out and cum again.  He then pulls out of me, spins me around and shoves me to my knees.  I moan, trembling, face flushed, and open my mouth.  He shoves his cock into my mouth, gagging me over and over until my eyes are watering and my throat is tightening as I gag again and again.

He then pushes his wet thick cock down my throat and spray his cum as my body continues to gag.  I swallow his load as I have no other choice.  He then eases out, slapping his cock against my face.

“My whore.”

I look up at him adoringly.

“Yes, Sir, always.”


Now we are going hiking.  It is the next morning and I spent the night bound, naked, in a hogtie.  To say I did not sleep much might be an understatement.

He brought clothing for me and so now I wear a pair of short shorts, a top, no undergarments, hiking boots, and a backpack with treasures Sir and I packed.  Now we head out into the woods, eager for a day of adventure.

An hour into the hike we have seen no one.  Sir pauses in the hike and looks back at me.  “Undress girl.”

I nod, nervous but do as he asks.  My shirt is off, then my shorts.  He tells me to leave my shoes on for now.  He puts a collar on me and a leash and he puts my clothing into the backpack then has me carry it again.  I am now hiking naked, in public, and I am worried I will be seen.  Someone may see me hiking with a leash and collar and yet my pussy begins to tingle.

An hour later we are near the top and he turns and puts down the backpack and begins opening it.  He pulls out a long strip of rope then walks over and pulls my arms back so I am gripping my opposite elbow.  He then gently eases my hair out of the way and begins to bind my arms back which only thrusts my chest out more.  I moan softly and he secures them so there is no way to now cover myself.  He smiles and reaches around me, pulling, twisting and pinching at my nipples.

I groan, my knees buckling a bit, squirming against him.  He smiles.  “My girl likes this.”

“Yes Sir.”

He reaches down between my legs, getting the end of the leash and pulls it up firmly between my legs, making it dig into my pussy.  I moan, moving my hips and he smirks as he pulls harder, forcing me to bend over at the waist.  He attaches the handle on the leash to a rope and throws the rope up over a sturdy branch.  He then pulls up until it is pulling me over, and it is digging painfully into my pussy and ass.

I moan and he gathers my hair back and binds it pulling it so my head is facing up  and forward then secures that rope to the rope attached to my leash.  I am now bent over but my head is pulled up so my head is forward.  My arms are bound back tightly and my breasts are hanging down, nipples achingly hard.  I moan, whimpering, shifting on my feet but even that hurt.  I hear Sir walk off a moment, hear something snap and then he is back.

I cry out when my ass lit up with pain.  He brings that switch down on my ass over and over and over, causing me to squirm, to move as much as I can to try and get away.  I am soon sobbing openly, my ass hurting badly.  He then moves to my thighs, making me dance the dance of pain again.  Then the back of my calves.  I am crying openly now, unable to stop.  He then moves around and begins switching my breasts and my sobs begin anew.

I begin pissing on myself from the overload and he stops.  He then moves in front of me and begins fucking my mouth hard, gagging me again.  He thrusts into my hungry mouth and I suck at him as best I can.  He then pulls out and cums on my face.  I hang there, nothing more to do and simply cry.  I hear the backpack opening and I hear the wrappers of the food.  He is eating, watching my suffering.  I am humiliated, bound, switched, in pain, and at his mercy completely.

He eats and I wait for him.  There is nothing to do but wait.

I am his completely.