Trussed Up Pt 1

James heard her showering and walked into the bedroom, tossing his things onto the bed before glancing at the bathroom door.  He smiled a bit, picturing his wife in the shower, water sliding down her body.  He felt his cock stirring at just the thought of her.  And now, he had a few days off for Thanksgiving, Kelly had a few days off from her job as well.  Oooh they were going to have fun.

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Work Day – Afternoon

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When J woke up it took her a moment to remember where she was.  Then it hit her and she moved to sit up but she couldn’t.  Her arms were folded behind her head with her right arm pulled toward the left side of the bed, and her left arm toward the right side of the bed bound down with ropes.  This propped her head up at an angle to allow her to look down her body.  She squirmed, then felt a tight pull on her tits.  She saw her tits were bound as well.  There were bound tightly, surrounded by rope, the nipples hard on top of each discolored mound.  Her legs were bound but loosely so she thought she would be able to turn over to ease the pull on her shoulders.  But as she tried to lift her head more she felt a pull on her hair and realized he had bound her hair to the headboard so she could barely lift her head. Continue reading “Work Day – Afternoon”

Work Day

J got into her car, dressed for work in her pencil skirt, blouse, nylons and heels. Her hair was up in a simple french twist and she had on enough make up to look appropriate. She started up her car and pulled out of the driveway of the home she shared with her husband.

The car eased out onto the residential road as she hummed along to whatever song happened to be playing on the radio right then. She then heard her phone go off, demanding her attention to a text she had just received. She frowned, wondering if she had forgotten something at home. She looked at the dashboard where her texts would come up.


Her pussy clenched. She licked her lips, suddenly nervous. It didn’t even take her a second to decide. She turned down another street and headed to His house. Marcus wanted her right now. So put in a call to work, telling them she would not be in then hung up, wondering what he had planned for her.

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