Money Will Buy Everything Pt 1

They find money can get everything a person desires.

He sat on the couch, smoking a large thick Cuban cigar.  The girl stood in front of him, naked and trembling.

“Why am I here?”

The man smiled.  “Because I deemed it to be so.”

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Tonight Pt 2

J soon found herself very very helpless.  She was in the middle of the room, her arms bound securely to a bar that ran along the back of her shoulders, her arms out straight from her in a T position.  Her legs were pulled up and out to each side, the ropes under her legs, pulling them spread out to each side, exposing her pussy and ass.  Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail away from her face and was secured to the bar with a rope so her head could not drop forward.  He wanted her every micro-expression to be seen by those that would be entering.

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The New Stock

It had been a week and I had felt the strong hand of my Sir multiple times.  He had spanked me one evening simply for the fun of it.  My ass had been red the rest of the evening.  It had been hard to sit and he had continued with random spankings throughout the night.  I had gone to bed crying as he rammed me from behind, gripping and clawing at my ass.

Now he told me he had a new toy.  So he took me to our back patio and showed me a large piece of wood, metal in various places, hinged in the middle with a bar, like a one piece stocks.  I looked it over and he smiled.  “Want to see how it works?” I nodded.  “Undress…..”

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Make Up Session

Marcus glanced up when he saw j approaching the bench he sat on.  She sat down by him, looking at him curiously.  “You texted?”

He nodded.  “I did.  I feel I owe you an apology.  For….losing it.  That is never, ever appropriate and I am sorry.”

J smiled.  “I forgave you after it happened.”

He nodded.  “I know.  But….still….I feel I need to do more.”

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Breaking Her In

Part 2 (Previous)
Part 1

Marcus moved into the room and untied her.  He then grabbed her by the hair and guided her off the bed with his fingers still firmly buried in her hair.  As long as she kept up she was not going to be hurt.  He pulled her over to a set of shackles and, letting go of her hair, grabbed her wrists, raising them above her head to attach them in the thick leather cuffs.  He then pulled out a wooden block about 8 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 7 inches high.  He put it by her feet then tapped on her feet until she stepped up onto it, her feet close together on the narrow surface.

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Happy New Years: The Main Meal

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with something forcing their cock into my sore pussy.  I whimpered, feeling it forcing it’s way in.

“She’s waking up,” Jim said, as if relieved they hadn’t killed me.  Had I had the energy I would have smiled.

“Of course she’s waking up, idiot.  The way you wake up a whore is with a cock,” Bill said back, laughing.  I felt the cock thrust into hard to me and I cried out only to be gagged by another cock sliding between my lips.  I immediately began sucking, having been very well trained by my Sir.  I whimpered and moaned then felt my hands being guided to other cocks.  Soon I was taking a cock in my pussy, another in my mouth, and had one in each hand.

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The Choice Pt 3

I woke up, wincing in pain.  I wasn’t sure what time it was but it appeared to be afternoon.  I must have slept several hours.  They let me sleep several hours.  That always tended to not bode well.  I looked around and then stood up, stretching.  I walked slowly into the other rooms to find my two new Masters.

I walked slowly in, my body so sore.  I passed a small bathroom and stopped, looking at myself in the mirror.  My body was marked and bruised from the whippings, spankings and beltings.  My pussy was puffy and sore from the flat hand spanking I had received numerous times and then the waking up throughout the night with one of them in me, whether my pussy, ass or mouth.  I moved my hand over the bruise on my breast from Marcus biting me.

Then I glanced up at my eyes and smiled, seeing the excitement lighting up my eyes from the inside.


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