Money Will Buy You Everything Pt 2

Time passed differently when one had no idea if it was night or day, whether it had been hours or days.  All she knew was that she had been here for what seemed like an eternity.  Part of her wanted to feel lucky that John was here with her too but another part of her hated that he was here with her, suffering as she was.

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Money Will Buy Everything Pt 1

They find money can get everything a person desires.

He sat on the couch, smoking a large thick Cuban cigar.  The girl stood in front of him, naked and trembling.

“Why am I here?”

The man smiled.  “Because I deemed it to be so.”

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The Room Pt 1

She woke up slowly, feeling fingers lightly moving down her side.  She stirred slowly and then felt her hair being smoothed away from her neck and soft kisses being pressed there.  J opened her eyes slowly, taking a breath then felt a hand move from her hip to move up her stomach to her breast, cupping it then pulling at her nipple, causing her to squirm a bit, her lips parting in a soft sigh.

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Welcome to Trapped

The place is a club of sorts.  Underground, quiet.  There are no markings on the unremarkable mill building.  As one looks closer they see a heavier door with a reinforced lock on it.  It is meant to keep people out…..but those that enter wonder if it is also meant to keep people in.  It is named Trapped after all.

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Trussed Up Pt 1

James heard her showering and walked into the bedroom, tossing his things onto the bed before glancing at the bathroom door.  He smiled a bit, picturing his wife in the shower, water sliding down her body.  He felt his cock stirring at just the thought of her.  And now, he had a few days off for Thanksgiving, Kelly had a few days off from her job as well.  Oooh they were going to have fun.

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Something to Scream About

He woke up and turned over, seeing his beautiful wife laying beside him on her stomach, sleeping soundly.  They had made love the night before and he had been eager to try something new with her.  So he leaned over, quietly opening a drawer on the side table and pulled out a ziptie.  He then very, very gently pulled her arms back behind her, putting the ziptie around them then secured her wrists firmly at her lower back.

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Merry Christmas

I was bound on the bed, face up, my hands pulled straight up above my head.  My body was at the bottom of the bed, my legs spread wide into the splits.  He had positioned a fucking machine between my legs, it’s cock thrusting in and out of me at an achingly slow pace.  He had a vibrator hanging from above the ceiling, the magic wand brushing against my clit but not on, not yet.  He had a plug in my ass, keeping me stuffed for him.

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An Evening of Entertainment

Sir and I had taken a break.  Or I had and he had agreed.  I had needed to find out who I was beyond a slave.  When I had been ready Sir and I had sat down to have a chat. We talked for a while, trying to figure out how we were going to make this work,how we were going to move forward.

I was walking through the living room when he said one thing.  “Strip…..”

The look in his eyes told me that today was not a day to argue.  And was this worth my safe word? No.

So I stripped, easing my shorts off then my shirt, folding them and putting them neatly on a chair.  I then slid my panties down my legs then eased my bra off before putting them both on the chair as well.  He then turned to face him.  He motioned me to sit in a chair that was near the tv so that I would obviously be more entertainment as well.  I looked at the chair with the hole in the seat.  And from within that hole was the head of a vibrator.  I moved to the chair, straddling it then sat down slowly, feeling the vibrator pressed firmly against my clit.

“Legs…..” was all he said from the chair where he sat, watching me.  I leaned over, securing my ankles in cuffs that were on the back legs of the chair.  Now my legs were folded back on either side of the chair, the bottoms of my feet aimed back.  He then stood up, walking over to me, sliding his hand down my face.  He the took my right arm, aiming it straight up in the air then folding it back behind my head and securing it behind my left shoulder.  He then did the same thing to my  left arm so that my arms were crossed behind my head.

“We have spoken enough……”  He secured an o-ring gag between my lips.  “Now I just wish to hear your sounds.”  He slid his fingers down my face then gripped at my breasts, pulling and slapping at them, pinching my nipples until I screamed out.  “Tongue out…”  I stuck my tongue out and he put a chopstick on top and a chopstick on the underside of my tongue and secured them on either end with rubber bands.  This keep my tongue out of my mouth, causing me to groan, my tongue wiggling as I squirmed.

“And now…..for some enjoyment.”  He knelt down in front of the chair then turned on the vibrator, drawing a long groan from me.   I squirmed as much as I could as the vibrator began it’s torment.  He moved back, sitting down to watch.  His eyes would move between the tv and my form.  And as the torment got worse, as my sounds got louder, his eyes were more on me.

I drew power from it.  I felt his eyes on me and even in my torment I was loving that I could keep his attention.  He stood up and walked over, pulling his cock out and began to jerk off.  I watched his cock eagerly and I knew he saw my eyes.  I knew he saw my hunger.  And he sure as hell wasn’t going to give me what I wanted.  He wanted me to work for it.

He came on my, his seed spraying over my tits and stomach.  He groaned, milking the last out then wiped his cock on my face.  I groaned, wanting to taste him but he was not going to even give me that.  I then screamed out, reaching my first orgasm.  The first of many.  That night I writhed, I tried to beg, to plead but he simply watched me writhe.  I broke out in a sweat, I was soon crying.  There was no clock visible from where I had been and I was sure that vibrator had been going for hours.

Sir showed me a clock slowly and grinned.  15 minutes.  I groaned, breathing hard, sweating.  I shuddered, sobbing.  He then grinned.  “Another 15 to go.”  He reached under the chair and turned the vibrator on high. My head went straight back and my screams bounced off the walls of our home.

Make Up Session Pt 2

Marcus walked over to the cage, hearing her moaning and trembling within the cage.  She had a puddle of piss under her from over stimulation.  Marcus smiled, walking over and crouched down in front of her cage.  “You want out?”  Her eyes looked at him, nodding as much as she could.

He opened the cage, watching the large cock slide out of her mouth, spit and drool sliding from her lips.  She didn’t move though.  She simply looked up at him, her eyes hungry but tired.  “Crawl out.”  She crawled forward slowly, groaning as the insert slid out of her ass.  She shuddered quietly.  “Sit back on your feet.”

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