Breaking Her In

Part 2 (Previous)
Part 1

Marcus moved into the room and untied her.  He then grabbed her by the hair and guided her off the bed with his fingers still firmly buried in her hair.  As long as she kept up she was not going to be hurt.  He pulled her over to a set of shackles and, letting go of her hair, grabbed her wrists, raising them above her head to attach them in the thick leather cuffs.  He then pulled out a wooden block about 8 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 7 inches high.  He put it by her feet then tapped on her feet until she stepped up onto it, her feet close together on the narrow surface.

He then moved over, pushing a button which fired up the wench on the chain to  lift until her arms were stretched above her head and her body was stretched out beautifully.  Marcus walked over, sliding his fingers along her torso, down her side, over her softly curved hips.  He could still see the  marks from the clothespins that had been whipped off of her.  He moved his hands up to her breasts, pinching at her nipples until she gasped, shifting slightly on the block.  But the block did limit her movement exactly as he wished.

Marcus stepped back then moved, getting a whip.  He took a couple of practice swings, seeing her body tense each time the whip cracked in the air.  He then began.  The whip landed on her ass, on her back, each time leaving an angry red line on her soft skin.  She was soon crying softly yet he didn’t stop.  She was struggling to stay on the block, breathing harder now.

Marcus smiled then moved around in front of her and started up again, cracking the whip against her breasts, her stomach, her pelvis, her thighs.  Soon she was squirming even more, crying out as tears slid down her face.  He walked around her and continued whipping, marking up her hips and the front, back and sides of her thighs.

J’s head fell back and she sobbed toward the ceiling, gripping at the chains tightly.  He gripped onto her hair, keeping her head toward the ceiling and began slapping the underside of her tits over and over and over.  He then began slapping her ass hard, landing blows on her marked up ass over and over until her feet were dancing on the wooden block.

Marcus moved around in front of her, sliding his thumb across her lips.  She began kissing at his thumb, then leaned forward to suck at it, taking it into her mouth, sliding her tongue around the digit.  He smiled, watching her then eased his thumb from her mouth before putting the whip into her mouth.  “Hold this and do not drop it.”

She nodded then watched as he walked over, getting a cane.  She whimpered, shaking her head but he ignored it.  He walked over and began lightly slapping the cane on the underside of her upheld arm.  J cried out in pain, dancing even more now, jerking against the chains, dancing around on the block.  The whip kept her screams controlled, just as the block kept her dancing controlled.  He slapped the cane up and down the underside of her arm until it was thoroughly marked up.

J was sobbing more now, drool forming and sliding from her spread lips down onto her marked chest.  Marcus walked over, sliding the cane lightly across her nipples.  He then slid his fingers down the underside of her other arm.  She shook her head, begging him around the whip’s handle.   He brought the cane down on the  underside of her other arm until she was dancing so much she fell off the wooden block.

Now she was swaying in the air, swinging from the chains above her.  Her legs were kicking with each hit, sobbing loudly around the whip’s handle.  He made sure to even get her arm pits.  She swung in the air, sobbing consistently now.  He walked around to stand closer to her side and grabbed her ankle, bending her foot up so the bottom of her foot was facing up.  He then began lightly caning up and down the bottom of her foot.

J’s screams escalated and she began thrashing as much as she could.  He finally dropped her foot so he was mere inches from the floor then grabbed the other ankle and began working it over with the cane as well.  She screamed out, thrashing, sobbing, twisting in the chains, now fully covered in sweat.

Marcus dropped the second foot and let her hang there, crying.  He took the whip from her mouth, tossing it aside then began lowering her down until she was kneeling on the floor.  Marcus walked over, undoing his pants and pulled his hard cock out.  Her mouth opened immediately for him but he slapped her face with it, making her reach for it as best she could.

“Greedy whore…..” he said low.

She looked up at him, her arms still above her head, her face tear streaked, her eyes filled with humiliation and need.  He slid his fingers into her hair, gripping her head then pushed his cock down her throat, ramming hard and fast into her mouth.  The sounds of her gagging joined the sound of his wet thrusts into her mouth.  He pulled out, jerking at his cock in front of her face then came on her face, covering her nose, eyes, and mouth with his seed.

He walked away, turning a light on to focus on her, leaving her naked, marked and covered in his cum, kneeling on the garage floor, still bound by the chains from the ceiling.  She was crying, dripping cum from her face, her body hurting, her pussy throbbing.  Marcus left her alone again, needy and used.

The perfect position for a good pet.


10 thoughts on “Breaking Her In

      1. I am certainly familiar with a man’s desire to beat and use a submissive. That took it to a new level (for me anyway).

      2. I understood his passion, ferocity and dominance and I’ve certainly had visions of shackling a woman in such a way. I did enjoy it. Thank you

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