The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – Another First

Sam was, once again, truly unsure of how she had gotten here.  She had found herself walking to his place, she had seen her hand knocking on his door, had watched him open it and invite her in.  Her brain had protested but her body had once again betrayed.  She was going to have to have a talk with her body about getting coming back time and again for new torments.

Her mind snapped back to her position as Paul’s hand gripped her ass, massaging her ass cheeks.  Paul had her bent over the small table behind his couch.  Her hands were in restraints that locked her wrists to her upper thighs.  She had rubber bands once again on her nipples and she was wearing heels and nothing else.  As soon as she had come through the door it was as if her clothes vanished under the intensity of his stare.

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The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – A Week Later

Part 1

Sam walked down the street, having to pause from time to time to look into windows.  But as she stood there, it was not to really admire whatever was behind the glass.  Toys had been ordered by Paul, sent to her and she had to put them in place before leaving work.  She had put rubber bands around her nipples as he had told her in the note that had come with the toys.  Her nipples were aching, hard and throbbing and each step was making her shirt rub on them and make them ache all the more.   Continue reading “The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – A Week Later”

The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – The Beginning

Samantha McGillis was an average 30 something girl with an itch she couldn’t scratch.  She had enjoyed sexual partners and had enjoyed great sex but something was still missing.  So now she stood at the door of a bar, looking at the worn wood, knowing that once she stepped through that door something may happen to change her life forever.  Then again, she could step through that door, meet no one and come home in a few hours to masturbate to thoughts of a strong man in her life, taking charge. Continue reading “The New Adventures of Sam McGillis – The Beginning”